SMA Katolik Aquino Amurang

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SMA Katolik Aquino Amurang
School Data
Established: 1962
Headmaster of School: Drs Anselmus Simon
Pastor of School: Pr. Frans Mangundap
Location: Amurang Kab. Minahasa Selatan
Province: North Sulawesi
Country: Indonesia
Passage of Classes: High School
Program of Studying: Science and Social
Status of School: Private
Curriculum: Based on Competence

SMA Katolik Aquino Amurang or Aquino Catholic Amurang High School was a private high school. It was located in Amurang city, state of South Minahasa, province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


SMA Katolik Aquino Amurang (Aquino Catholic Amurang High School) used curriculum based on compentence from students. It was according to National Education department of Indonesia rule.