SMB Matriculation School

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SMB Matriculation School
SMB School
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, 624001
Coordinates 10°21′50″N 77°59′23″E / 10.363964°N 77.989629°E / 10.363964; 77.989629Coordinates: 10°21′50″N 77°59′23″E / 10.363964°N 77.989629°E / 10.363964; 77.989629
School type Private
Established 1979
Enrollment 2,500 (2004)
Language Tamil, English, French, Hindi

SMB Matriculation School is a privately run matriculation school in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India. It is managed by the DNU association which also runs the MSP school in Dindigul.


The school was formed by the DNU in 1979. It began with four small huts with kindergarten and entry-level classes, in the grounds of the MSP school. Later they moved into a concrete building and bought the ground from MSP. In 2008 a ground for improving its sports was bought in Balakrishnapuram.


The school is located in Dindigul, just off the round road. It is located at the junction of Balakrishnapuram road, round road and bus stand road and GTN road.


The school, which started as a kindergarten school, grew to a high school then in 2000 to a higher secondary.The school achieved district ranks in +2 board exams and state ranks in 10th public exams.


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