SMK Seri Saujana

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SMK Seri Saujana
Seri Saujana National Secondary School
Jalan Mesra Ria, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000, Kuala Lumpur
Type Public Government School
Motto Berilmu, Derdisiplin, Berwawasan
Session Double session
Principal Mdm. Hajah Sapura binti Amat

SMK Seri Saujana is a government secondary school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The school educates around 2,000 students. The current principal is Madam Hajah Sapura binti Amat. The school's motto is 'Berilmu. Berdisiplin. Berwawasan' which means 'Scholarly. Disciplined. Visionary'. The anthem is 'Seri Saujanaku Cemerlang'.

This school provides classes such as remove classes all the way up to Form 5 level. There is also a Religious stream, or 'Kelas Aliran Agama' which is open for the Saujana Hostel students.



In line with Government policy which requires all secondary students to wear Olive Green pants and white shirt for boys and blue pinafore with white shirt for girls.SMKSS does not allow wearing of pants with pleats and/or bell-bottoms.The school tie is Olive Green in colour, with the school crest. School badge is sewn over the left pocket for boys or left side of pinafore for girls, a cloth name tag sewn on top the school badge.

Student Body[edit]

There are 5 major student body in the school,namely the Prefectorial Board, which is the main study body in school, Librarians Board, The Board of School Cooperative, IT Brigade and Quarter Master.


The main duty of the prefects is to raise, and subsequently maintain, the standards of both internal and external discipline. Also, to sustain bridging, through increased communication and understanding, with the school population and administration. The head of the board are known as the Head Prefect (Ketua Pengawas).The Head Prefect of SMKSS is the highest leadership position in the school. He or she heads the SMKSS Prefectorial Board and has responsibilities for school functions. The Head Prefect updates the school administration on student affairs.


SMKSS operates a system of e-Discipline for rewards and punishments. Accumulated demerit points may be worked off by carrying out Corrective Work such as cleaning or detention. Corporal punishment is administered for a wide range of school offences for the male, consisting of either one, two or three strokes of the cane.

Sport Houses[edit]

House Colour
Laksamana Yellow
Syahbandar Green
Temenggung Red
Bendahara Blue

Academy(Subject Offered)[edit]

Remove Classes[edit]

1. Malaysian Language
2. English Language
3. Chinese Language
4. Amalan Bahasa Melayu
5. Physical and Health Education
6. Visual Art

Form 1 -3 (Lower Secondary)[edit]

1. Malaysian Language
2. English Language
3. Chinese Language
4. Arabic Language
5. Mathematics
6. Science
7. Geography
8. History
8. Living Skills - Integrated
9. Living Skills - Family & Consumer Science
10. Civics
11. Moral Studies
12. Islamic Studies
13. Physical & Health Education
14. Information & Communication Technology Literacy
15. Visual Art

Form 4-5 (Upper Secondary)[edit]


1. Malaysian Language
2. English Language
3. Mathematics
4. General Science (Art Stream)
5. Moral Studies (Non-Muslim)
6. Islamic Studies (Muslim)
7. Civics
8. History
9. Information & Communication Technology Literacy


Art Stream Science Stream Religious Stream
Basic Economics Biology Arabic Language
Principles of Accounting Chemistry Al Quran & Sunnah
Visual Art Physics Syariah Islamiah
Additional Mathematics Tasawwur Islam
Clothes Design & Sewing Additional Mathematics
Chinese Language Chinese Language


Students also allowed to take up extra subject as their elective that didn't offered in school such as Literature in English, Literature in Chinese or Bible Knowledge with the permission of school.

Co-curricular Activities[edit]

Running parallel to the academic curriculum are activities offered by the various sports and athletic groups, performance and musical groups, clubs, societies and uniformed and external groups in SMKSS. Every student must join 3 such group to have a more well-rounded school life and expose themselves to leadership opportunities and challenges. Also, this is a platform on which students get to showcase their talents in a non-academic setting and have some fun.

There are more than 30 student groups and organisations in SMKSS that cater to most budding interests and deep-seated passions.

Current Administration[edit]

Principal  : Mdm. Hajah Sapura binti Amat

Senior Assistant (Curriculum)  : Mdm. Hajah Siti Nora binti Ali
Senior Assistant (Student Affairs)  : Mdm. Hanizah binti Osman
Senior Assistant (Co-curriculum)  : Mdm. Ong Lay Hwa

Afternoon Supervisor  : Mdm. Chung Moun Shya
Assistant Afternoon Supervisor  : Ms. Lim Suit Ping

Dean (Language & Linguistic)  : Mdm. Lee Swee Ying
Dean (Science & Mathematics)  : Mdm. Noriyah binti Ishak
Dean (Humanities)  : Mdm. Florence Kaliamah a/p Ramadasi

Dean (Technical & Vocational)  : Mdm. Hajah Siti Zainab binti Ramnoon

Operation Manager  : Mdm. Lee Fong Lin

Past Principals (Head Teacher)[edit]

1. Mr. Nagindar Singh A/L Saudagar Singh (2001)
2. Mdm. Noraini binti Mohd Ali (2001-2003)
3. Mr. Abdul Ghaffar bin Mohd Nor (2004-2005)
4. Mdm. Fatimah binti Abu Bakar (2006-2007)
5. Ms. Jamilah binti Othman (2007-2012)
6. Mdm. S. Zaleha binti Yaakub (2013–2015)

7. Mdm. Hajah Zainon binti Haron (2015)

8. Mdm. Hajah Sapura binti Amat (2016-Present)


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