Treacher Methodist Girls' School

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Treacher Methodist Girls' School
Sekolah Perempuan Treacher Methodist
No 5, Jalan Muzium, 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Taiping, Perak
Type All-girls primary school, secondary school
Motto Live Worthily
Religious affiliation(s) Christian
Denomination Methodist Church
Established 1889[citation needed]
School district Larut, Matang and Selama
Principal Mrs. Junaidah Haji Jaafar
Grades 1-5
Enrollment 856 (FY 2008)
Colour(s) Blue and white
Founder Methodist Missionaries
Chairman Mrs. Polly Tan nee Wong Mei Lan
Employees 55 teachers
Abbreviation TMGS

Treacher Methodist Girls' School (Malay: Sekolah Perempuan Treacher Methodist; abbreviated TMGS; formerly known as Lady Treacher Girls' School) is located at Museum Road (Jalan Muzium) off Walker Road (Jalan Temenggung) in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.


Sir William Hood Treacher, the founder's husband

Lady Treacher Girls’ School was the first English girls’ school in the Federated Malay States and was established in 1889 in Taiping, Perak, it was first named as English Government Girls’ School. The school’s establishment was much devoted to Lady Treacher who was the wife of the then British Resident of Perak, Sir William Hood Treacher.

Establishing a girls’ school was Lady Treacher’s ambition and passion, she embodied herself to raise funds for building the school and work hard to make it a success. In 1889, a small wooden building was erected and able to accommodate eight students. After ten years, in 1898, the Perak State Government lost its interest to fund the school’s financial, hence, in 1899; Lady Treacher held a meeting with Bishop James Thoburn to put the school under missionaries' care. On 4 May 1899, the decision was made that the school would be administrated by missionaries, and Mrs. Mary Carr Curtis from Penang became the first principal with 28 students at that time.

In 1901, during the tenured of Ms. Mary Cody, the school went a major renovation and expanded its building. In 1902, the school changed its name to Lady Treacher Girls’ School to honour its early pioneer Lady Treacher. At the same year, a hostel was built and occupied by 25 students, and the school was under a new principal Ms. Catherine Ethel Jackson with 41 students.

In 1908, the school had prepared six girls for the standard six examinations for the first time. When World War I waged in Europe, the school still operating normally and the 1918 students enrolment increased to 108. In 1899, a primary school, bearing the name Lady Treacher Girls’ School was established in Race Course Road. The school was later named Treacher Girls’ School. In 1901, the administration of the school was taken over by Methodist and renamed as Treacher Methodist Girls’ School. The school is located at Upper Museum Road, which is near to the Perak Museum. The school was the first girls’ school to receive financial support from the state government since of its establishment.

List of Principals[edit]

Tenure Principal
1899–1901 Mary Carr Curtis
1901–1909 Catherine Ethel Jackson
1909–1912 Thirza Bunce
1913–1919 Minnie L. Rank
1920–1921 Jennie Dean
1922–1925 Norma Craven (1st posting)
1926–1928 Ruth Harvey
1929–1930 Lois Rea
1931–1931 Martha Shively
1932–1934 Norma Craven (2nd posting)
1935–1941 Della Olson
1941–1945 World War II, Japanese Occupation
1945–1946 Glory Jeyamoney
1946–1952 Della Olson
1952–1953 Helen Desjardins
1957–1972 Flora R. Knight
1972–1991 Satwant Kaur Saini
1991–1999 Azizah Hj. Taib
1999–2006 Zaitone Shaffie
2006–2007 Salmah Jaapar
2007–2011 Noriza Dato’ Sulaiman
2012–2014 Junaidah Haji Jaafar


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