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SMP may refer to:


Science and technology[edit]



Other uses[edit]

  • Securities Markets Program, a monetary policy tool allowing the European Central Bank to purchase distressed government bonds of the European periphery
  • Send More Paramedics, a defunct crossover thrash band from Leeds, England
  • Single member plurality, a single-winner electoral voting system
  • Southern Medical Program, a program at British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine to increase the number of new physicians in the interior of British Columbia University
  • Statutory Maternity Pay, a form of parental leave in the United Kingdom
  • SMP, the Seattle industrial band led by Jason Bazinet, who has also played live drums for Front Line Assembly, Doll Factory, and 16 Volt; the moniker has been short for "Synesthesia Murder Program" and now "Sounds of Mass Production", but is most commonly referred to by the initialism