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SMRT Trains
Keretapi SMRT Berhad
சிங்கப்பூர் பெருவிரைவு ரயில் நிறுவனம்
Industry Public Transport Operator
Founded Singapore (1987 (1987))
Headquarters City Hall, Singapore
Area served
Key people
Desmond Kuek (President & CEO)
Koh Yong Guan (Chairman)
Services Railways
Parent SMRT Corporation
Website SMRT Trains

SMRT Trains Limited is a rail operator in Singapore and a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT Corporation. Then known as Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) when it was incorporated on 6 August 1987, it was renamed as Singapore MRT Limited before taking on its current name, SMRT Trains, in the year 2004.

On 7 November 1987, MRTC started services on Singapore's first MRT section, consisting of five stations from Yio Chu Kang to Toa Payoh. SMRT Trains currently manages most of the MRT services in Singapore except the North East Line and Downtown Line. On 11 December 2001, SMRT merged with TIBS Holdings. On 10 May 2004, all of the subsidiaries under the SMRT Corporation adopted the SMRT logo and brand officially. 6 trains – C151, C651, C751B, C151A and the upcoming C151B and future C151C are operating on the North South Line and the East West Line. The C830 and the latest C830C trains are operating only on the Circle Line.

The main colour scheme for all the trains are black with red stripe, excluding C651 with the only exterior with white and red stripes and C801 with green and red stripes. Future SMRT trains and refurbished trains will bear the new SMRT livery, which consist of white, red, black and yellow pixel livery, unless LTA uses its own livery for newer rolling stocks, similar to C951 and CT251 (also known as T251). Current fleets with the new liveries are the C801A and the C151B trains.

Major Disruptions[edit]

  • On December 15, 2011, train services were disrupted between Bishan and Marina Bay on the NSL. Two days after, train services were again disrupted between Toa Payoh and Marina Bay. This is the second worst major breakdown in SMRT history. SMRT stated that the weight of the 4th generation trains, C151A, was the root cause of the breakdown. The COI (Commitment of Inquiry) later investigated that the weight of the 4th generation trains were not responsible for the third rail horse shoe and train collector shoes to be damaged.
  • On March 9, 2015, the BPLRT came to a halt due to a station fire and a power fault, which resulted in a 24-hour service suspension. The cause of the power faults were due to the fire at Segar LRT Station. All trains were done system check while during the 24-hour service suspension, LTA and SMRT engineers went to inspect each stations and the tracks before testing if the line can reinstate service. Certain section of tracks deemed as "possible causes of power faults" ran on reduced speed until around the 4th week of July before reinstating normal speed.
  • On July 7, 2015, the NSEWL was completely suspended from normal train services. It was also the first time both major lines were suspended simultaneously. This incident marks the worst breakdown in SMRT history. SMRT and LTA has suspected that faulty trains were the cause of this incident. Investigations concluded that a damaged insulator was the main cause of the multiple power trips on that day and SMRT could be fined for the lack of maintenance. Experts are looking into the matter to see if they can separate the power systems from the North South and East West Lines to prevent similar incidents form recurring.
  • On 22 March 2016, 2 SMRT staff were killed when a train hit them near Pasir Ris station along the EWL. This is the very first fatal accident SMRT ever had in history.

Fleet details[edit]

Contract* Image Type Maximum Speed (km/h) Trains Cars Line(s) served Built on Debut on
Design Service
C151 Accessibility-directory.svg Kawasaki C151 refurbished.jpg electric multiple unit 90 80 66 396 North South Line
East West Line
1986 – 1989
2006 – 2009
7 November 1987
C151A Accessibility-directory.svg C151a.jpg electric multiple unit 90 80 35 210 2011 – 2014 27 May 2011
C151B Accessibility-directory.svg electric multiple unit 90 80 45 270 2014 – 2017 16 April 2017
C151CAccessibility-directory.svg electric multiple unit 90 80 12 72 2017 –2019 N/A
C651 SMRTJE-Front.JPG electric multiple unit 90 80 19 114 1993 – 1994
2016 - 2018
20 September 1994
C751B Accessibility-directory.svg Kawasaki c751 eunos.jpg electric multiple unit 90 80 21 126 1999 – 2001
28 January 2000
C830 Accessibility-directory.svg C830 in KCD.JPG electric multiple unit 90 78 40 120 Circle Line 2006 – 2008 28 May 2009
C830C Accessibility-directory.svg electric multiple unit 90 78 24 72 2014 – 2015 26 June 2015
C801 Bukit Panjang LRT Bombardier CX-100.jpg electric multiple unit 55 48 19 19 Bukit Panjang LRT 1998 – 1999 6 November 1999
C801A Accessibility-directory.svg Contract801a.jpeg electric multiple unit 55 48 13 13 2014 – 2015 19 November 2014

The trains are classified as contracts unlike other countries which uses "class".*