SNCF Class X 2400

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X 2400
SNCF X 2426 Pont-Audemer 25-02-06.jpg
The X 2426 at Pont-Audemer
Type and origin
Power type Autorail
Builder Régie Renault/Decauville
Build date 1951 to 1955
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length 27.73 m (91 ft 0 in)
Loco weight 43 t (42 long tons; 47 short tons)
Prime mover Renault 517 by Renault (2 moteurs)
Engine type Diesel engine
Transmission Mechanical
Performance figures
Maximum speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Power output 456 kW (612 hp)
Operators SNCF
Class X 2400
Number in class 79
Numbers X 2401 to X 2479
Locale Limoges, Rennes
Retired 1989

SNCF's X 2400 are a class of railcars. The 79 XABDP 2400, unifiés 600 PS (440 kW) were built from 1951 to 1955. They were capable of carrying 12 passengers in 1st class and 56 in 2nd class, they were 27 m (88 ft 7 in) long and capable of reaching a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). The railcars were often coupled to trailers of coupled to other units.

Driving cabin of the X 2426.

The class was put into service along the X 3800, Picasso. These 300 PS (220 kW) railcars facilitated the phasing out of steam traction and to renew aging railcar stock. The class was first allocated to Limoges and onto the lines of the Massif Central, coupled to XR 8000 trailers. The X 2400 was quickly accompanied by the X 2800 railcars, equipped with one engine only, but more powerful.

The maintenance cost of the X 2400 was greater than the one-engined X 2800 and so the class was moved to Rennes. The arrival of the X 2100 and X 2200 railcars precipitated the retirement of the X 2400, the last 2400 retiring in 1989.

The X 2464 was withdrawn from service in 1988 and was modified into a measurement train. It was painted into the Corail livery of dark grey, orange and white. Twelve railcars have been preserved.

Two sub-classes of X 2400 exist:

  • XABDP 2401 to 2469 with a weight of 43 t (42 long tons; 47 short tons), two 517G Renault engines with 250 kW (340 PS) (340 ch) output.
  • XABDP 2470 to 2479 with a weight of 44.5 t (43.8 long tons; 49.1 short tons), two Saurer engines with 235 kW (320 PS) (320 ch) output.

X 2400 in preservation[edit]

Motor of the X 2426.