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SNILS card

Individual insurance account number (SNILS) is a personal number used by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to track people's accounts for social security purposes. The number is written down on a green plastic card and it is compulsory to have one to get a legal job in the Russian Federation or apply for benefits. SNILS is used universally as a primary personal number within the government. Anyone permanently living in Russia may apply for a number, including on behalf of children, from the moment of birth.

SNILS is needed for Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to organize personal information about the employee and the amounts that lists the employer to an individual retirement account of the employee in respect of future pension.

The number is unique to each person. An individual's personal account contains all the data on the accrued and paid by the employer insurance contributions throughout their working activity of a person, who subsequently taken into account in the appointment or re-calculation of pension. Assigning insurance number is technological in nature and carried out in order to simplify and speed up the procedure for the appointment of pensions insured.

The format of the SNILS is "123-456-789 12", where the first 9 digits can be any, and the last two are a checksum.