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An SNMP Simulator is a type of computer simulation, that simulates the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface. Contrary to network simulation, which models the behavior of a network within a computer, the SNMP simulator actually interfaces with outside systems, for example Network Management Application software.

An SNMP Simulator fools the Network Management Application software into believing it is talking via the SNMP protocol to one or more devices, just like a flight simulator allows a pilot to believe they are flying a plane.

Uses of SNMP Simulator[edit]

SNMP Simulators are used for development, testing, training of network management system software. Before the advent of simulators, actual physical equipment was used. The scalability of simulators dramatically reduce the cost in this area.

Features in this area vary widely, from the no-cost to commercial offerings. It is not uncommon for higher-end simulators to simulate thousands[1] of devices on common PC hardware or virtual machines. Setting up any number of instances of any number of device type is standard functionality. The better simulators will allow to create any type of dynamic scenario, both in terms of MIB object behavior as well as trap generation. Since current network management standards comprise a set of protocols, the better simulators integrate the current network management standards, such as NetFlow, command-line interfaces (CLI), etc.

Typically, SNMP simulators are deployed in laboratories which contain both Network Management Application software and devices to exercise the software for the above purposes.

Examples of SNMP Simulators[edit]

Open Source or Free[edit]


  • MIMIC Simulator by Gambit Communications[5]
  • iReasoning SNMP Agent Simulator[6]
  • Simulation Toolkit 9 by ZOHO Corporation[7]
  • NetDecision SNMP Agent Simulator[8]
  • SimpleAgent by SimpleSoft[9]
  • SNMP Agent Simulator by MG-SOFT Corporation[10]
  • MIB Browser Professional Simulator Edition by MG-SOFT Corporation[11]