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Entreprise Nationale des Véhicules Industriels
Industry Truck manufacturing
Founded 1967[1]
Headquarters Rouiba, Algeria
Area served
Key people
Hamoud Tazerouti (CEO)
Revenue DZD 20 billion (2011)[2]
(approx. US$ 250 million)
Owner Algerian government (100%)
Number of employees
8000 (2011)
Parent Sonacome
Website (French)

Entreprise Nationale des Véhicules Industriels (National Company of Industrial Vehicles) is an Algerian company also known as SNVI that produces trucks and buses since 1967.[1] SNVI is a subsidiary of Société Nationale de Construction Mecanique (SONACOME, National Mechanical Construction Company).[1]


Sonacome, the parent company of SNVI was founded by the Algerian government on August 9, 1967 through ordonnance 67-150. It inherited French-era's Berliet factories and equipment after the latter ceased operations by 1973.[1]


SNVI's headquarters are located in Rouiba, 30 km to the east of Algiers, with branches in Hussein Dey, Constantine, Oran and Ouargla.[1]


In 2011, the company has made 2007 vehicles. Its ambition is to resume with its 1980s production rate, that was reaching 6000 vehicles per year.[2]


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