SN 1939C

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SN 1939C
Other designationsSN 1939C, 2MASS J20342405+6009299
Event typeSupernova edit this on wikidata
Spectral classSN.I: Edit this on Wikidata
Date17 July 1939[1]
Right ascension20:34:23.0 [2]
HostFireworks Galaxy (NGC 6946)[1]
Peak apparent magnitude13.0[2]

SN 1939C was a supernova in the Fireworks Galaxy first discovered by Fritz Zwicky on 17 July 1939.[1] With a right ascension of 20:34:23.0 and a declination of +60:09:37.3, it lies 215"W and 24"N from the center of the Fireworks Galaxy.[1] It peaked at a magnitude of 13.0 mag.[2]


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