SN 1998bw

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SN 1998bw
SN 1998bw.jpg
Other designations SN 1998bw, AAVSO 1927-53
Event type Supernova Edit this on Wikidata
Spectral class Type Ic
Date 26 April 1998
Constellation Telescopium
Right ascension 19h 35m 03.30s
Declination −52° 50′ 45.9″
Galactic coordinates 344.99 -27.72
Remnant ?
Host ESO 184-G82
Progenitor ?
Progenitor type ?
Colour (B-V) ?
Notable features ?
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SN 1998bw was a rare broad-lined Type Ic[1] gamma ray burst supernova detected on 26 April 1998 in the ESO 184-G82 spiral galaxy, which some astronomers believe may be an example of a collapsar.[2] The supernova has been linked to GRB 980425, which was detected on 25 April 1998, the first time a gamma-ray burst has been linked to a supernova.[3] The supernova is approximately 140 million light years away, very close for a gamma ray burst source.[4]


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