SN 1999eu

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SN 1999eu
Other designations SN 1999eu, AAVSO 0242-30
Event type Supernova Edit this on Wikidata
Spectral class SN
Date 5 November 1999
Constellation Fornax
Right ascension 02h 46m 20.79s
Declination -30° 19' 06.1
Epoch J2000.0
Galactic coordinates 227.0163 -64.6743
Distance 45 Mly
Remnant IIP
Host NGC 1097
Peak apparent magnitude 17.3
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SN 1999eu was a type IIP supernova that happened in NGC 1097 in the constellation Fornax. It was discovered 5 November 1999, possibly three months after its initial brightening, and is unusually under-luminous for a type II supernova.[1]


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