SN 2007sr

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SN 2007sr
Other designations SN 2007sr
Event type Supernova Edit this on Wikidata
Spectral class Ia[1]
Date December 18, 2007[2]
Constellation Corvus
Right ascension 12h 01m 52.80s[1]
Declination −18° 58′ 21.7″[1]
Epoch J2000.0
Galactic coordinates 286.9944 +42.3602
Distance 72.7 ± 9.1 Mly (22.3 ± 2.8 Mpc)[3]
Host NGC 4038[2]
Peak apparent magnitude 12.70[2]
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SN 2007sr was a Type Ia supernova event that happened in the galaxy NGC 4038. It was announced on December 18, 2007, but was visible on images beginning December 7. It peaked at magnitude 12.7 on December 14.[2]


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