SN 2007uy

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SN 2007UY
Other designations SN 2007uy
Event type Supernova Edit this on Wikidata
Spectral class Ib
Date December 31, 2007.
Constellation Lynx
Right ascension 09h 09m 35.40s
Declination +33° 07′ 09.9″
Epoch J2000
Distance 84 million light-years
Host NGC 2770
Peak apparent magnitude 16.8
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SN 2007UY was a supernova that occurred in the spiral galaxy NGC 2770. It was discovered by Yoji Hirose on December 31, 2007. While interesting in its own right, it was overshadowed by SN 2008D, a supernova whose burst was observed serendipitously while SN 2007UY was being studied by Swift, something unprecedented in astronomy.

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