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SO or so may refer to:



Science and technology[edit]

  • SO (complexity), second-order logic in descriptive complexity
  • Shift Out, an ASCII control character in computing
  • Small-outline integrated circuit
  • Sulfur monoxide
  • .so, a filename extension for a shared object (a dynamic library or module) in Unix and GNU/Linux
  • Special orthogonal group, a subset of an orthogonal group
    • SO(4), a term used in mathematics, the group of rotations about a fixed point in four-dimensional Euclidean space
    • SO(5), a term used in mathematics, the special orthogonal group of degree 5 over the field R of real numbers
    • SO(8), a term used in mathematics, the special orthogonal group acting on eight-dimensional Euclidean space
  • SO(10) (physics), a term used in particle physics, one of the grand unified theories is based on the SO(10) Lie group


  • , the romanization of Japanese surnames 宗 and 宋
  • Su (surname) (/), a Chinese surname and a Korean surname () derived from it
  • So (Korean name) (蘇 or 邵)


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