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For other uses, see Akana (disambiguation).
SOA Software, Inc.
Founded 2001
Founder Eric Pulier
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
Key people
Paul Gigg, CEO
Roberto Medrano, EVP
Alistair Farquharson, CTO
Janine Bushman, CFO
Brent Carlson, SVP
Alex Lazar, SVP
Products API Management
Community Manager
Lifecycle Manager
API Gateway
Service Manager
SOLA Developer
Website www.akana.com

Akana is a provider of comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation and Mainframe SOA products for the realization of Service-Oriented Architecture. The company was originally called Digital Evolution, and has acquired a number of SOA vendors. From March 2005 until March 10th, 2015 the company was called SOA Software. In November of 2016, Akana was acquired by Rogue Wave Software.[1]


  • API Gateway – develop, secure, manage and monitor APIs across platforms.
  • Community Manager – a developer community product.
  • Lifecycle Manager for APIs – provides API and App lifecycle management capabilities.


  • September 2004. Acquires Flamenco Networks.[2]
  • March 2005. Company changes its name to SOA Software.
  • December 2005, Buys a mainframe web services product from Merrill Lynch.[3]
  • May 2006. Acquires Blue Titan, a web services networking company.[4][5]
  • May 2008. Acquires LogicLibrary, an SOA Repository and Governance vendor.[6]
  • March 2015. Changes name to Akana. www.akana.com
  • November 2016. Rogue Wave Software acquires Akana.

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