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„СОЦІС - Центр соціальних та політичних досліджень"
Privately held company
Industry Sociology
Founded November 1993
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Area served
Products Political sociology
Subsidiaries TNS Ukraine

SOCIS (Ukrainian: TOB „СОЦІС - Центр соціальних та політичних досліджень") is a political sociology company in Ukraine. It was one of the companies that performed rolling and exit polls for Ukrainian elections in 1998, 2002, 2004, and Ukrainian referendum in 2000.[1] The company has been a member of The Gallup Organization since 1994. In 1999-2002 the original company has forked into TNS Ukraine and became a part of the Taylor Nelson Sofres market research group.[2]

Results of exit polls performed by this company during the Ukrainian presidential election in 2004 were used as one of arguments leading to the Orange Revolution.


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