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SOMUA MCG Saumur 01.jpg
MCG5 on display at Musée des Blindés
Type Artillery tractor, armor recovery vehicle
Place of origin  France
Weight 6.8 t
Length 5.30 m
Width 2.17 m
Height 2.85 m
Crew 2 + 8 passengers

Armor none
Engine 4-cylinder, petrol, 4712 cc
60 hp
Payload capacity 1500 kg
Speed 31 km/h

The SOMUA MCG was a half-track artillery tractor and recovery vehicle of the French forces during World War II.

Manufactured by the Somua company it was used to tow medium artillery pieces such as the 155 mm mle 1917 howitzer and the 105 mm mle 1936 field gun, as well as their specific ammunition trailers. Of this main version 345 were produced: 264 until 1 September 1939 and another 81 until the end of May.

There was also a recovery version, fitted with a crane, to recover broken-down tanks, of which about 440 were produced.

Foreign use[edit]

After France surrender, many Somua MCG and MCL halftracks were captured by the Germans and put to use in the German army. Some were used as artillery tractors. Most were converted by Major Alfred Becker's workshop (Baustokommando Becker) into armoured halftracks. These were used to fill a variety of roles in 21st Panzer Division, when it was reformed after its destruction in North Africa. Variants of these included an armoured rocket launcher with a 8 cm R-vielfachwerfer, a self-propelled mortar mounting a 8 cm Reihenwerfer multiple mortar array and a tank destroyer version with a 75 mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun.

Greece acquired 48 Somua MCG halftracks and used them to tow 85 mm guns and 155 mm howitzers.[1] An unknown quantity also went to Turkey.


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