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Société Nigérienne des Produits Pétroliers
Industry oil industry
Founded 1977 (1977)
Headquarters Niamey, Niger
Key people
Hamidou Sekou (President)
Products petroleum products
Revenue $183,265,000 (2007)[1]
Number of employees

SONIDEP (French: Société Nigérienne des Produits Pétroliers, literally: Nigerien Petroleum Products Company) is a parastatal corporation in Niger. Founded by government decree in 1977, SONIDEP is responsible for the importation, transportation, storage, refining and marketing of petroleum products in Niger.[2][3] It operates retail sales stations for automobiles and fuel oil throughout the nation.

Recently, the government of Niger has considered privatizing SONIDEP, with the assistance of the World Bank,[4] but the company has remained state-owned due to a lack of interest among investors,[5] and plans for privatization are now "on hold indefinitely." [6]

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