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The Special Operations Peculiar MODification (SOPMOD) kit is an accessory system for the M4A1 carbine, FN SCAR Mk 16/17, HK416 and other weapons used by USSOCOM (the kit is not specific to USSOCOM, however). The kit allows Special Operations personnel to configure their weapons to individual preferences and mission requirements.

The program dates back to September 1989, when the Special Operations Special Technology (SOST) Modular Close Combat Carbine Project was founded. The Material Need Statement (MNS) was signed on May 1992, and by September 1993, the Operational Requirements Document (ORD) for the program was validated. Responsibility for the program was then assigned to the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division.

The SOPMOD kit is composed mostly of non-developmental and commercial off-the-shelf (NDI/COTS) accessories packaged together to support four M4A1 carbines.


The original SOPMOD Block I kit included all of the following:

Only two of following were included per kit:

Only one of the following was included per kit:

If more of the accessories are needed, it is typical for units to "cannibalize" the kits of inactive teams. The documentation for the kit does not require a rewrite if improved replacements for any of the current items can be found. As a result, this content list has changed. For instance, on many SOPMOD M4s today, the Crane Sloping Cheekweld Stock has been added. Several potential additions include the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System and the M320 grenade launcher. Also, various EOTech holographic sights are used on many SOPMOD configured M4s. The SOPMOD kit allows for the attachment of any Picatinny compatible accessory that fits the length of the weapon.

Block I phased replacements[edit]

  • Daniel Defense M4A1 RIS II and RIS II FSP, full-length handguards using a gas block without a front sight
  • Insight Technology M3X Tactical Illuminator (SU-233/PVS)
  • Insight Technology M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator (SU-238/PVS)
  • EOTech 553 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight (SU-231/PVS)
  • Trijicon ACOG TA01 ECOS 4x Scope (SU-237/PVS)
  • AN/PVS-17 Product Improvement Kit

Block II[edit]

[citation needed]

  • Insight Technology LA-5/PEQ
  • Insight Technology CNVD-T Thermal Sight (SU-232/PAS)
  • Raytheon Company Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x Scope (SU-230/PVS)
  • AN/PVS-24 Night Vision Device
  • WSC (Weapon shot counter)

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