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SOCCKET is a soccer ball that harnesses and stores energy from play for later use as portable power source in resource-poor areas.[1][2] It is the flagship product of Uncharted Play, Incorporated.[3]


Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica O. Matthews, Hemali Thakkar, who were at the time undergraduates at Harvard University, and Aviva Presser, who was a Harvard graduate student at the time, were the inventors listed on the initial patent. Prototypes of the ball first appeared in the media in early 2010.[4][5] The mass-produced version of the ball is the brainchild of Uncharted Play, Inc.--a social enterprise founded by two of the original inventors, Jessica O. Matthews and Julia C. Silverman.[3]

Media reaction[edit]

The Soccket scored on the "Highbrow" and "Brilliant" quadrant of New York's "Approval Matrix" for the week of February 8, 2010.[4]

The Soccket has been reported to have broken quickly after the first use by recipients.[6]


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