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The SPARCstation 2, or SS2 (code named Calvin) is a SPARC workstation computer sold by Sun Microsystems. It is based on the sun4c architecture, and is implemented in a pizza box form factor.



40MHz Cypress CY7C601 CPU - 28.5 MIPS, TI TMS390C601A FPU - 4.2 MFLOPS.[1] The only known CPU upgrade option was the Weitek 80MHz "SPARC POWER µP" (power-up).


The SPARCstation 2 can be configured with up to 128 MB of memory in total: 64 MB on the motherboard, and an additional 64 MB using a special 32 MB SBus memory card with another 32 MB piggy-backed daughterboard. The 16 RAM slots on the motherboard can be populated with either 1 MB SIMMs for a total of 16 MB, or with 4 MB SIMMs for a total of 64 MB. Standard 30 pin SIMMs can be used as long as they use parity error detection and are rated 80 ns or faster.

Disk Drives[edit]

The SPARCstation 2 uses a standard 50 pin SCSI interface and can house two, 3 1/2" full height disk drives. The SS2 also comes with a special auto-ejecting 1.44 MB floppy disk drive.


There is an Ethernet AUI port on board, which can be supplemented by add-on SBus cards.

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