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Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization
বাংলাদেশ মহাকাশ গবেষণা ও দূর অনুধাবন কেন্দ্র
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HeadquartersAgargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nogor, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shaheen Khan
Parent organisation

The Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ মহাকাশ গবেষণা ও দূর অনুধাবন কেন্দ্র Bangladesh môhakash gôbeshôna o dur ônudhabôn kendrô), or SPARRSO, is a state agency concerned with astronomical research and the application of space technology in Bangladesh. Sparrso works closely with JAXA, NASA and the ESA in environmental and meteorological research. Using Bongobondu-1 satellite , SPARRSO monitors agro-climatic conditions and water resources in Bangladesh.[1]


Broad Category of SPARRSO Activities

Category 1: Operational Activities towards National Interest

Category 2: Research & Technological Development Activities

Category 3: Activities to Support National Development

Category 4: Nation Building Mile Stone Activities of SPARRSO

Category 5: Human Resource Development on RS & GIS Technology


1. SPARRSO has been applying peacefully space and remote sensing technology, in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Geology, Cartography, Water Resources, Land use, Weather, Environment, Geography, Oceanography, Science, Education, science-based Knowledge and other related space research areas. It also perform research activities for developing this technology and its practical application.

2. Provides necessary information and disseminates research results to the Government and different relevant user agencies.

3. It provides the Government about the development of space and remote sensing technology of different countries and gives advice for formulation of national policy to the Government.

4. Conducts training, technical research, survey and monitor on space and remote sensing technology and cooperates national or international organization or institutes in the relevant matter.

5. Framing development project to perform research activities on space and remote sensing technology and implement it taking prior approval from the Government.

6. Take any measures regarding the above-mentioned work at any time as it feels necessary.


At present, there are total 17 working divisions in SPARRSO. They are:

1. Atmospheric Division

2. Agriculture Division

3. Agro-hydrometeorology Division

4. Forestry Division

5. Water Resources Division

6. Oceanography Division

7. Fisheries Division

8. Cartography Division

9. Ground Station Division

10. Photographic Division

11. Ocean Physics Division

12. Instrumentation and Data Processing Division

13. Ground Truth Division

14. Geology Division

15. Rocket Technology Development Division

16. Space Physics & Rocket Dynamics Division

17. Regional Remote Sensing Center (RRSC)

Ground stations[edit]

Here is the list of total ground stations at SPARRSO:[2]

  • Geostationary Satellite
  • MTSAT-2 of Japan
  • FY-2D & FY-2E of China
  • WINDS of Japan.
  • Polar Orbiting Satellite.
  • NOAA Series of USA
  • Terra & Aqua of USA.
  • MetOp of Europe


SPARRSO conducts research works on various aspects of geo-disciplinary subject areas of RS-GIS technologies.

The research items include technological development on RS-GIS algorithms aims at better techniques for geoinformation retrieval along with effective approaches towards fruitful application of such technology.[3]

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