SPEAR System

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SPEAR System
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Also known asSpontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response
Country of originCanada Canada
CreatorTony Blauer
Olympic sportNo
Official websitehttp://blauerspear.com

The SPEAR System (an acronym for Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) is a close-quarter protection system that uses a person's reflex action in threatening situations as a basis for defence.[1] The founder, Tony Blauer, developed the SPEAR System in Canada during the 1980s.[2]


The SPEAR System's origin began in 1982 with the developed "Panic Attack" drill that attempts to mirror the physiological response of a sudden ambush.

The "Panic Attack" study developed into the "Be Your Own Bodyguard" program and the present day SPEAR and Personal Defense Readiness ("PDR") programs.[3]

In 2007 UK's Association of Chief Police Officers approved Spear for inclusion in the Personal Safety Training Manual for the British police.[4][5]

The Scottish Prison Service uses a modified version of SPEAR in its Personal Protective Techniques.[6] [7]

In 2010 an English Mental Health NHS Trust piloted the first ever SPEAR training programme for staff working with mentally disordered offenders.[8]

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