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SPF/PC was an MS/DOS-based text editor and file manager designed to have an interface that was familiar to those using mainframe SPF and ISPF.[1]

The name was still in use 1990.[2] Later Windows-based versions were named SPF/SE and SPF/SE 365.[3]


SPF/PC[4] was introduced by and successors sold by Command Technology Corporation. Similar to IBM's mainframe based ISPF and is able to edit ASCII and EBCDIC text file as a complete integrated applications development environment (IDE). Typically used for editing source code, invoking compilers, linkers, and debuggers, in a variety of programming languages, such as COBOL, FORTRAN, and C++.

64-bit Windows can't run SPF/PC (Will run under DOSBOX), but it can still be used on 32-bit windows (e.g. XP or Windows-7 in XP Mode).[5]


  • Auto source code backup
  • Auto save during edit
  • Background/Foreground compiler and utility support[4]
  • Edit small or large files (up to 1Gig)
  • Edit ASCII and EBCDIC text files
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • File browser with keyword colorization
  • File manager
  • File conversion utilities
  • COBOL source code support
  • Hex editor
  • IBM (3270) and PC command keys
  • IBM ISPF Style Panels
  • Keyboard equivalents provided for all mouse operations
  • Language line numbering support
  • Language profile support
  • Line, column and bounds oriented copy, cut, data shift, find, paste, sort with picture strings
  • Line lengths (records) up to 64,000 characters in fixed or variable formats
  • Line exclude, change, find, flip, locate, not-exclude
  • Merge error files created by compilers into source code as notes (type of comment)
  • Multilevel Undo and Redo
  • Multiple sequential complex command execution - repeatable with exclude and not-exclude abilities
  • Print file, screen or highlighted text
  • Simple and advanced text/file find/replace (search through thousands of files for text)
  • Sort file lists and text/data
  • Sort A-Z, Z-A, bounding by columns, line labels etc.
  • Split screen (horizontal and vertical)
  • File and Directory comparison
  • Support for DOS/Windows/Linux/Unix EOL and EOF markers
  • User enhancements - add, create, modify dialogs, functions, menus and screens
  • User definable fonts
  • User definable editor color schemes including several 3270 schemes
  • User definable file profiles including EOL, EOF, Line Length etc.
  • User definable cursor, half page and page scrolling
  • User switchable editor line numbers or not
  • User definable keyboard and keyboard macros
  • User modifiable help system

Macro/Scripting Language[edit]

SPF/SE 365 uses a "C" like macro/scripting language.

All versions of SPF have the ability to call any interpreter (PHP, BASIC, Powershell, etc.) from within the editor allowing text processing and OS command calls. SPF/SE does not have the REXX interface that SPF/PC had.

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