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SPURS National Honor Society (Service, Patriotism, Unity, Responsibility, and Sacrifice) was a collegiate sophomore honor society.


SPURS was founded at Montana State University - Bozeman as an honor society for Sophomore women in 1922.[1] Originally a women-only organization, SPURS went co-educational in 1976. Chapters were spread across the United States, primarily at smaller colleges and universities and emphasis remained on community service and scholarship. The Sorority dissolved as a national organization as of May 31, 2006 by decision of the October 2005 National Convention [3].

Local Surviving chapters[edit]

MSU Bozeman Chapter[edit]

The MSU SPURS that were left decided to join with the MSU Student Alumni Association the following the year (as did the dissolved society "Fangs"—a branch from the Intercollegiate Knights). With this team up, MSU's student alumni association-"SPURS and Fangs"- is in rapid development.

Linfield College Chapter[edit]

After the dissolution of the national organization, the SPURS chapter at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon decided to remain an honor society dedicated to the founding ideals. The club is no longer exclusively for sophomores but also juniors and seniors.[2]

Chapter List[edit]

University Chapter number Date of founding
Emporia State University[3][4] 1965[5]
Kansas State University[3][6]
Linfield College[3][7] 1947[5]
Minnesota State University Moorhead[3][8]
Montana State University – Bozeman[3] 1 1922
Oregon State University[9] Prior to 1928
University of Minnesota[3]
University of Puget Sound[1][3] 5 1925(?)
University of Nebraska at Kearney[3][10]
University of Idaho[3][11] 1966[5]
University of Great Falls[12]
Idaho State University[3][13] 1949[5]
University of Redlands[3][14] 1931[5]
University of Montana – Missoula[3][15]
University of Wyoming[3][16]
Utah State University[3][5][17] Prior to 1937
Adams State College[3] 1961[5]
University of Arizona[3] 1934[5]
Brigham Young University[3]
Butler University[3] 1933[5]
California State University, Chico[3]
California Lutheran University[3]
Carroll University[3]
Colorado State University[3][18] 1931
Colorado Women's College[3][5]
University of Denver[3]
Eastern New Mexico University[3] 1966[5]
Jamestown College[3] 1966[5]
Montana Tech of the University of Montana[3]
Montana State University Billings[3][5]
University of Nevada, Reno[3] 1964
New Mexico Highlands University[3]
New Mexico State University[3] 1958[5]
University of New Mexico[3][19]
Northern Arizona University[3]
University of Northern Colorado[3][5]
Northern Montana University[3]
Pacific Lutheran University[3]
University of Texas at El Paso[3] 1957[5]
Washington State University[3] 1942[5]
Whitman College[3] 1950[5]
Wichita State University[3] 1966[5]
University of Mary[20]
Minnesota State University, Mankato 1969 [21]
University of Alaska, Fairbanks[5]
Arizona State University[5] 1955
California State University, Long Beach[5] 1960
University of California, Santa Barbara[5]
University of California, Los Angeles[5]
University of Colorado[5]
Fort Wright College of the Holy Name 1967[5]
California State University, Fresno 1965[5]
Gonzaga University[5]
Humboldt State University[5]
Marylhurst University[5]
University of the Pacific[5] 1955[5]
University of Portland[5]
San Diego State University[5]
Seattle University[5]
University of Utah[5] 1925[5]
Central Washington University[5]
Eastern Washington University[5]


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