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This article is about SQL:2008, a revision of the SQL standard. For background information about the SQL query language, see SQL.

SQL:2008 is the sixth revision of the ISO and ANSI standard for the SQL database query language. It was formally adopted in July 2008.[1]


The SQL:2008 standard is split into several parts, covering the Framework, the Foundation, the Call-Level Interface, Persistent Stored Modules, Management of External Data, Object Language Bindings, Information and Definition Schemas, Routines and Types Using Java, and various "Related Specifications."

Additions to the Foundation include

The Related Specifications for XML defines ways in which SQL can be used in conjunction with XML, including importing and storing XML data in an SQL database, manipulating it within the database and publishing both XML and conventional SQL-data in XML form.[2]


The SQL standard is not freely available. The whole standard may be purchased from the ISO as ISO/IEC 9075(1-4,9-11,13,14):2008. The standard consists of the following parts:

Claims of conformance[edit]

The minimum level of conformance to SQL:2008 that a product can claim is called "Core SQL:2008" and is limited to definitions specified in two parts of the standard: the Foundation and the Information and Definition Schemas.[3]

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