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State Route 16 marker

State Route 16
Route information
Defined by Utah Code §72-4-107
Maintained by UDOT
Length29.359 mi[1] (47.249 km)
Existed1921 as a state highway; 1920s as SR-3; renumbered 1962–present
Major junctions
South end WYO 89 near Woodruff
  SR-39 in Woodruff
North end SR-30 at Sage Creek Junction
Highway system
  • State highways in Utah

State Route 16 (SR-16) is a state highway in northeastern Utah, running for 29.359 miles (47.249 km) in Rich County from the Wyoming state line near Woodruff to Sage Creek Junction. It serves as part of a road from Evanston, Wyoming to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.[2]

Route description[edit]

SR-16 begins at the Wyoming state line south of Woodruff, as an extension of WYO 89, and heads northwest ten miles (16 km) to Woodruff, where it turns north through the town center.[1]

SR-16 then continues north ten miles (16 km) to Randolph, running through the town center. North of Randolph, it runs generally north-northeast nine miles (14 km) to end at an intersection with SR-30 at Sage Creek Junction.


A 1921 law added the portion of the road from Evanston, Wyoming to Montpelier, Idaho in Utah to the state highway system, as well as the branch towards Kemmerer, Wyoming.[3] The State Road Commission assigned the State Route 3 designation to the highway that decade,[4] and in 1927 the legislature officially adopted the number for the main route and the spur.[5] The spur was split off as SR-51 in 1931,[6] but the remainder stayed as SR-3 until 1962, when it was renumbered SR-16. In the 1977 renumbering, only the section south of Sage Creek Junction remained, as the rest became SR-30 (signed since 1966) and US-89 (signed since the 1930s).[7]

Major intersections[edit]

Rich0.0000.000 WYO 89 to I-80 – EvanstonSouthern terminus
Wyoming state line
Woodruff10.50516.906 SR-39 west (Center Street) – Huntsville, Ogden
Sage Creek Junction29.35947.249Utah SR 30.svgWY-89.svgUS 30.svg SR-30 to WYO 89 and US 30Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

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