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Sri or Shri may refer to:

  • Dewi Sri, ancient Javanese and Balinese goddess of rice and domestic prosperity
  • Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth
  • Shree (raga), a North Indian musical scale
  • Shree ragam, a Carnatic musical scale
  • Shri (musician), a.k.a. Shrikanth Sriram, in the British Asian music scene
  • Sri, a Hindu honorific, or Sri Sri, an emphatic version of the same
  • SRi, a car specification badge
  • Sri (1999 film), a 1999 Indonesian film directed by Marselli Sumarno
  • Sri (2005 film), a 2005 Telugu-language Indian film directed by Dasaradh
  • Sri Kommineni, a South Indian music director, Singer who works mainly in Tollywood
  • Sri Lanka, an island state at the south tip of India, formerly called Ceylon
  • Sri Sri (writer), Telugu poet and writer (Srirangam Srinivasarao)

SRI may refer to:

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