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SRO Cinemaserye
Standing Room Only
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Jun Lana
Directed by various directors of every episode
Starring various
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 35 (as of November 26, 2009)
Executive producer(s) Joseph Buncalan
Location(s) Metro Manila, Philippines
Running time 45-60 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release March 26, 2009 – April 8, 2010
Related shows Magpakailanman
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SRO Cinemaserye (SRO: Standing Room Only) is the second season title of GMA Network drama anthology Obra, with each stories consisting of 8 episodes. It is set to premiere on March 26 with Ganti, a story about deceit, revenge and love,[1] followed by the suspense-thriller Suspetsa. After Suspetsa, it is The Eva Castillo Story, a Documentary / Drama explaining the life of Eva Castillo. Afterwards, it was followed by four light topics depicting transgenderism, Rowena Joy, a Cinderella comedy story, Reunion and a romantic comedy story Carinderia Queen. SRO Cinemaserye was no longer aired by the said network with the 10th and final installment, Hot Mama on April 8, 2010.


SRO Cinemaserye is a refreshing venture on drama anthologies in late-night primetime. Every story, which will run for eight weeks, boasts of a presentation with the cinematic quality of a motion picture. GMA Network artists will be put on spotlight on SRO Cinemaserye's finest episodes with heart-rending storyline and absorbing characterization.[2]

Featured stories[edit]


Genre Drama
Air-date March 26 to May 21, 2009[3]
Synopsis There's Jacob Manansala, a man with a firm desire to claim what's rightfully his. He is willing to fight tooth and nail for the riches taken from his father. Then, a mother named Viola Ojeda goes all out to achieve her hard-fought dreams. She selfishly chose to abandon her child for a more comfortable and prosperous life. Kevin Rodriguez is the son who wickedly schemes for power and wealth. His ambitious ploys for prestige will drive him to fiendish revenge. Meanwhile, Viola's assistant/protégé Eloisa conspires with Jacob to plan her boss's downfall. While, the plastic surgeon girlfriend of Kevin named Janelle supports all his plans.[4]
Director Dominic Zapata
Writer(s) RJ Nuevas
Denoy Navarro-Punio
Cast Marvin Agustin as Jacob Manansala
Sheryl Cruz as Viola Ojeda
Geoff Eigenmann as Kevin Rodriguez
Maxene Magalona as Eloisa Barrientos
Bianca King as Janelle Alcantara
Daria Ramirez as Adella
Arci Munoz as Annie
Kris Martinez as Luigi


Genre Suspense-Thriller, Drama
Air-date May 28 to July 16, 2009[5]
Synopsis The three childhood friends have kept their relationship intact and strong through the years. However, their bond is tested when Nina and Leonor saved Abigail from being raped by Chris, the mayor's son. Nina and Leonor unintentionally pushed Chris from the bell tower during their fight. Panic-stricken, they decide to abandon his almost dead body rather than report the accident. The news of Chris' death startles the three girls because he was still alive when they left him. Still, they pretended that nothing happened. But five years later, someone begins pestering them. Anonymous messages are sent to the three, and they doubt whether someone else saw what they did to Chris or if Chris really died.[6]
Director Mark A. Reyes
Writer(s) Des Garbes-Severino
Cast Jennylyn Mercado as Nina
Yasmien Kurdi as Leonor
Nadine Samonte as Abigail
Paolo Contis as Adam
Baron Geisler as Danny
Ryan Eigenmann as Chris
Victor Aliwalas as Matt

The Eva Castillo Story[edit]

Genre Biography, Drama, Musical
Air-date July 23 to August 13, 2009
Synopsis This is based on the life story of Eva Castillo whose fame arose after appearing in Regine Velasquez's birthday special, Roots to Riches. She was revealed to be the only person who has defeated Regine Velasquez in singing competitions long before Velasquez joined a national televised singing competition in which she was hailed as the champion.
Director Jun Lana
Writer(s) Suzette Doctolero
Cast Manilyn Reynes as Eva Castillo
Regine Velasquez as Herself
Glaiza de Castro as Teen Eva
Afi Africa as Direk Louie Ignacio
Chynna Ortaleza as Pilar
Dion Ignacio as Jimboy
Renz Juan as Young Eva
Ella Guevarra as Young Regine
Stef Prescott as Teen Regine
Jan Manual as Danny

Rowena Joy[edit]

Genre Drama, Comedy
Air-date August 20 to September 10, 2009
Synopsis RJ was thrown out by his family when his iron-fisted father and homophobic brother learned that he is gay. RJ then becomes friends with two openly gay men. The two help RJ cope with his situation, and will assist him to go to Japan to find a steady job. Upon his return to the Philippines, a more confident RJ undergoes a total sexual transformation and changes his name to Rowena Joy. An encounter with Gino, her former best friend and secret crush, then makes her think she has completed her dream. Sparks fly and the two soon deeply fall in love with each other. Rowena Joy, however, still dreads the moment when she will have to tell Gino the truth. Fears of abandonment push her, however, to keep the secret hidden. She also fears how his family will react to the transformation. She misses them but will her revelation lead to another rejection? Will she finally be accepted after "coming out"? Will her dream relationship with Gino have a happy ending?
Director Soxie Topacio
Writer(s) Jun Lana
Cast Iza Calzado as Rowena Joy/RJ
Paolo Ballesteros as RJ
TJ Trinidad as Gino
Rez Cortez as RJ/Rowena Joy's father
John Apacible as Gino's brother
Joey Paras as Jessi
Bebe Gandanghari as Frannie
Renz Valerio as JR
Prince Stefan as Christian
Lawrence Gutierrez as Paolo
Sherrie as Mina
Sharmaine Centenera as RJ/Rowena Joy's mother


Genre Romance, Comedy
Air-date September 17, 2009 to October 16, 2009
Synopsis Reunion revolves around Pepper (Halili) and Chantilly (Garcia). Still smarting from the humiliation they experienced during their graduation ball a few years back, the high school buddies made a pact to get back at the campus bully, Asheewari (Jade Lopez).

Chantilly and Pepper found the perfect opportunity to exact revenge when it was announced that their batch would a stage high school reunion. The desperate duo also wanted to catch the attention of old flames, Angelo (Rainier Castillo) and Ryan (Kevin Santos).

Using their combined wits and charm, Chantilly and Pepper arrive simultaneously at the event looking every inch like professional ladies. The pair complemented their winning look with made up stories about their respective "successful careers"-all concocted to attract Angelo and Ryan's affection but also to earn the envy of Asheewari.

While at the party, a series of disastrous events happen inadvertently exposing their fraud. Chantilly and Pepper are trapped in a sticky situation that derails their scheme of winning the hearts of their dream boys.

Facing humiliation anew, can the two best friends survive their botched plan with their friendship unscathed? Will their bond, which has been strengthened over many years, remain intact and strong?

Director Soxie Topacio[7]
Writer(s) Jun Lana
Cast Sheena Halili as Pepper[8]
Jennica Garcia as Chantilly[8]
Rainier Castillo as Angelo
Mart Escudero as Benjo
Kevin Santos as Ryan
Jade Lopez as Asheewari
Stef Prescott as Violet
Patani as Jemalyn
Jose Manalo as Ricky Tienes
John Lapus as "Mother"

Moshi-Moshi, I Love You[edit]

Genre Romance, Comedy
Air-date October 22, 2009 to November 5, 2009
Synopsis Perseveranda (Ruffa Mae) is addicted to telenovelas and she finds inspiration in the stories and characters of the soap opera she watches; and her favorite is Tokyo with Love with stars Japanese actor Akihiro Watanabe (Akihiro Sato). Her worship of Akihiro develops into an unhealthy obsession when she finds out Akihiro will visit the country to promote his soap. She will do everything to meet Akihiro since there was a fortune teller who told Akihiro will marry a Filipina but what she will do if her best friend also wants Akihiro as well as his promoter.
Director Andoy Ranay
Writer(s) Jun Luna[9]
Cast Rufa Mae Quinto as Perseveranda
Akihiro Sato as Akihiro Watanabe
Alicia Mayer as Gina Ukihino
Gloria Sevilla as Lola Flora
Ricci Chan

Carenderia Queen[edit]

Genre Romance, Comedy
Air-date November 12, 2009 to December 3, 2009
Synopsis Aling Biday's Carenderia (Melanie Marquez) is a box-office on their place. The food they serve is not just good and cheap but her daughter, Juliet (Carla Abellana) was also mesmerizing who is called to be the Carinderia Queen.

Though Juliet has many suitors, her heart is alrerady reserved for her childhood sweetheart Romeo (Geoff Eigenmann), the son of jer mother's best friend, Aling Waray(Gina Alajar).

But the last time they saw each other is when they are 10 years old! Romeo was sent to live with his father in America to study but there's an agreement between Romeo's father and Aling Waray; once Romeo graduates from college, he will come back to the Philippines to love for good.

Juliet is excited about it but after a long time, Romeo seems to be very different and dislikes her. On the other hand, Aling Biday and Waray's relationship seems to be broken apart because of a man. When Fate comes to them, would they serve a good desert for a good ending or a tragedy?

Director Mac Alejandre
Writer(s) Jun Lana
Cast Carla Abellana as Juliet
Geoff Eigenmann as Romeo
Gina Alajar as Waray
Rey "PJ" Abellana as Brigido
Melanie Marquez as Biday
Jace Flores as Harrold
Boobay as Sandra
Krista Kleiner as Britney

Exchange Gift[edit]

Genre Comedy, Romance
Air-date December 10, 2009 to January 28, 2010
Synopsis The tradition of exchanging gifts not only brings cheer to everybody’s heart but also spells irresistible magic and wonder in their lives. But if Santa goes overboard on gift giving, would you still accept his present or swap it for something else?

Beginning December 10, SRO Cinemaserye greets the holiday season with an inspiring story that teaches the lessons of love, modesty and acceptance between two different individuals in “Exchange Gift.” This Christmas offering is topbilled by one of GMA’s most sought after leading men, Dennis Trillo as Miguel and one of the network’s talented child actors, Francis Magundayao as EJ. Miguel is such a workaholic and does not want to make a commitment to anything other than work. His easy-going life is suddenly turned upside down when his nephew EJ starts to live with him. They do not get along perfectly and end up arguing most of the time. When EJ’s father dies unexpectedly, Miguel is left with no choice but be stuck forever with the little boy. His structured life makes a 360-degree-turn when he becomes the guardian of EJ. But he will not let the circumstances turn him into an instant daddy. Miguel plans to bring EJ to an orphanage. As they make their way to the shelter, the two constantly fight and bicker and they accidentally shove Santa Claus. Because of their bad behavior, Santa gives them a gift that changes their lives forever. He magically switched their bodies to give them a lesson. Miguel ends up inside EJ’s body while EJ is locked up inside Miguel’s body! Will Miguel and EJ get their bodies back? How will they deal with the awkward situations that arise as a result of their switched bodies as Miguel enters the orphanage while EJ embraces the life inside the office? As they try to comprehend the bizarre happening in their lives, will Miguel and EJ finally realize their shortcomings and learn their lessons?

Director Mac Alejandre
Writer(s) Jun Lana
Cast Dennis Trillo as Miguel
Francis Magundayao as EJ
Nadine Samonte as Sharon
Ryza Cenon as Veronique
Gene Padilla as Santa
Andi Eigenmann as Louella

Meet The Fathers[edit]

Genre Comedy, Drama
Air-date February 4, 2010 to March 4, 2010
Synopsis Mr. Christopher de Leon plays Larry, a business magnate who gets in touch with Rigor (Bayani Agbayani), a philanthropist in Basilan. Larry makes a deal with Rigor that he would support his orphanage—if Rigor would go to Manila and meet with him personally.

Rigor gives in, but he soon learns that there may be underlying layers to Larry's request.

Despite this discovery, he chooses to stay and grants Larry's final demand: to attend the wedding engagement party of Cheska (Ynna Asistio), Larry's daughter.

But during the party, Rigor gets the surprise of his life when he meets Cheska's mother, Christy (Angel Jacob), who just happens to be the one and only woman he loved. He begins to suspect that something is up when he finds out that Cheska is not Larry's real daughter. Rigor becomes convinced that he is Cheska's biological father.

Christy confronts Larry, knowing that he has a hand at what's currently going on. But he insists that it is fate that has brought the four of them together.

As Cheska prepares for her big day, she finds out that her fiancé Brent (Joross Gamboa) is cheating on her. Confused and devastated, Cheska wants to be comforted by her father—but which one?

Larry and Rigor begin to compete for their daughter's attention. And even Cheska gets confused as to who she should follow: the father who raised her since birth? Or the man claiming to be her real father?

Which of the two fathers will get Cheska's love? And will Cheska's wedding still push through after all of these? Find out as the new story of SRO Cinemaserye presents unfolds in Meet the Fathers.

Director Mac Alejandre
Writer(s) Des Garbes-Severino
Cast Christopher de Leon as Larry
Bayani Agbayani as Rigor
Ynna Asistio as Cheska
Joross Gamboa as Brent

Hot Mama[edit]

Genre Comedy, Drama
Air-date March 11, 2010 to April 8, 2010
Synopsis Eugene plays the role of Dr. Lola Cardenas, an alluring psychiatrist/sex therapist popularly known as Hot Mama. She hosts a late night radio program where she gives sex and relationship advice to callers who ask questions about love and intimacy.

Lola displays a very liberal and open-minded personality as Hot Mama but unknown to many, she's an old maid who leads a simple and carefree life. Despite being an expert sex therapist, Lola doesn't have a sparking sex life and worse, she hasn't found her Mr. Right yet.

Hot Mama is single, lonely and desperate for love. She soon finds herself obsessed with Bruce, her executive producer/friend. But, he is already in love with her cousin/manager Mari.

Devastated for being loveless, Hot Mama focuses her attention on her career and keeps herself busy by using the social networking site Facebook. Here, she meets Randy, one of her avid fans from Cebu.

Lola is intrigued with Randy and after a while, a special friendship develops between them.

Randy is extremely excited to finally see her in person. But Hot Mama doesn't want him to meet the real Lola. She is not confident that people would see and accept her as plain Lola.

What will Hot Mama do if Randy shows up to meet her? Will Randy accept the real identity of Hot Mama? Will the two lovers become the perfect sweethearts?

Director Joel Lamangan
Writer(s) Des Garbes-Severino
Cast Eugene Domingo as Dr. Lola Cardenas/Hot Mama
Wendell Ramos as Randy
Janna Dominguez
Maureen Larrazabal as Mari
Victor Aliwalas as Bruce
Ces Quesada
Joseph Smisek

Awards & nominations[edit]

  • Both Ganti and Suspetsa are nominated for Best Drama Mini-Series at the 23rd PMPC Star Awards for TV 2009. Baron Geisler is also nominated for Best Drama Actor for his role in Suspetsa.
  • The Eva Castillo Story finally won as Best Drama Mini-Series at the 24th PMPC Star Awards for TV 2010.

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