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Light Red Line
Bang Son Commuter station, Aug 2016 (2).jpg
TypeCommuter rail
SystemBangkok Suburban Commuter Train
StatusTaling Chan - Bang Son services suspended 13 Jan 2014
TerminiHua Mak
Sala Ya
WebsiteRed Line Project
OpenedDecember 5, 2012
(for trial service Bang Son - Taling Chan)
January 2021[1]
(Phase 1 Bang Sue - Taling Chan)
2017 (est.)
(Phase 2 Bang Sue - Hua Mak)
2019 (est.)
(Phase 3 Taling Chan - Sala Ya)
OwnerState Railway of Thailand
Operator(s)S.R.T. Electrified Train Company Limited
Line length58.5 km (36.35 mi)
Track gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge
ElectrificationOverhead lines
Operating speed160 km/h (99 mph)
Route map
Up arrow SRT Eastern line
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Up arrow Suvarnabhumi
Hua Mak
Sukhumvit 71 Halt
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL 
Khlong Tan
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL 
Phaya Thai
Right arrow SRT Eastern line
 SRT  to Hua Lumphong Right arrow
Right arrow SRT Northern & Northeastern lines
Sam Sen
Bang Sue
Bang Sue Central
Bang Sue Junction
Red Line EMU Depot
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Left arrow Don Mueang
Left arrow  SRT  to Don Mueang
Left arrow SRT Northern & Northeastern lines
Bang Son
Left arrow  MRT  Right arrow
Bang Bamru
Bang Kruai
Phra Ram 6
Taling Chan Market
Branch to Thonburi Up arrow
Taling Chan
km West Extension
Phuttamonthon Sai 2 Halt
Sala Thammasop
Sala Ya
Down arrow SRT Southern line

The Light Red Line is part of the planned SRT Red Lines suburban railway system to serve the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. It will run east–west from Sala Ya in Phutthamonthon District of Nakhon Pathom Province to Hua Mak Railway Station in Bangkok. The segment from Taling Chan to Bang Son (15 km) opened for limited, free trial service on December 5, 2012. The trial service operated for only 13 months with a limited 12 services a day (6 each way) operated on the line until all services were fully suspended on 13 January 2014 due to a lack of rolling stock and pending further notice.

In July 2016 the cabinet approved the construction of the Bang Sue–Phaya Thai–Makkasan–Hua Mak segment.[2] However, the 12 km, 4 station western extension Taling Chan to Salaya was due to be tendered first by September 2018.[3] However, the section to Salaya will now be tendered in the 2nd half of 2019. [4]

Stage 1[edit]

Bang Sue–Taling Chan[edit]

Bang Son Commuter station on SRT Light Red Line

The contract for the initial stages from Taling Chan to Bang Sue was signed on December 15, 2008, with the contract awarded to the Unique-Chun Wo consortium.[5] Construction started in early 2010 but was delayed for a few months due to the late 2011 floods in Bangkok which inundated the route. Construction was completed by the 3rd quarter of 2012. Testing began in September 2012 for a 3-month period.[6] Bang Sue–Taling Chan Rail Electrification included in Contract 3 of SRT Dark Red Line Bang Sue - Rangsit which is under construction. Electrification will be completed by 2020.

Operation and suspension[edit]

The line opened for free limited trial service on 5 Dec 2012 between Taling Chan Station and Bang Son Station. The line is operated with 2 refurbished DMUs running a very limited service. There are only 6 services each way a day every 60 minutes from 6am to 8am and from 4pm to 7pm. As such, only a few hundred passengers a day ride the service.[7] As of 14 September 2013, weekend services were cancelled.[8] Effective on 13 January 2014 all services were suspended until further notice.

Until the Bang Sue Terminal is complete and the SRT purchases new rolling stock this service cannot fully operate. It would also be noted that the line will be electrified.

Additional stations[edit]

Two additional stations on either side of the Chao Praya river have been approved to be built, at Rama 6 bridge and Bang Kruay (EGAT).[9] However, as of June 2019 no contracts have been tendered to build these two stations.

Future extensions[edit]

Taling Chan-Salaya Extension[edit]

The SRT Light Red Line is planned to be extended by 12 km west to Salaya.[10] 4 stations are planned be built along the existing SRT corridor;[11] 1) Ban Chimplee station, 2) Kanchanaphisek (Phutthamonthon Sai 2), 3) Sala Thammasob, 4) Salaya.

This western extension Taling Chan to Salaya was expected to be tendered by September 2018.[12] However, this section to Salaya will now be tendered in the 2nd half of 2019. [13]

Bang Sue–Hua Mak[edit]

There will be stations at Ratchawithi, Phaya Thai, Makkasan and Hua Mak.

The Construction seems to start late than expected due to late completion of Bang Sue Central Station and narrow right of way. Thus, SRT needs to reconsider construction methods to reduce an effect to rail service when the construction begins.[14]

Taling Chan-Siriraj spur line[edit]

The SRT operates existing intercity services from Thonburi station to Kanchananburi. This line is planned to be converted to a spur line of the existing Light Red line, from Taling Chan to Thonburi/ Siriraj.

In August 2012, the SRT proposed that 3 stations be built for this 6.5 km route:[15] 1) Talingchan Floating Market station at Bang Ramad, 2) Charansanitwongse station (connect with the MRT Blue Line) 3) Thonburi/Siraraj station (connect with the MRT Orange Line)

It is worth noting that originally the Orange Line was planned to be built along this alignment to Taling Chan. As of December 2017, no final approval had been granted to construct this spur line with the extension to Salaya being the priority.


Code Station Name Thai Express Train City Train Transfer Province
SRT Light Red Line
x Hua Mak หัวหมาก ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Hua Mak
 MRL : Hua Mak (proposed)
x Ramkhamhaeng รามคำแหง ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Ramkhamhaeng
x Makkasan Station (City Air Terminal) มักกะสัน
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL 
 MRT : Phetchaburi
x Phaya Thai พญาไท  BTS : Phaya Thai
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Phaya Thai
x Ratchawithi ราชวิถี  SRT  (proposed)
x Sam Sen สามเสน  SRT  (proposed)
x Pradiphat ประดิพัทธ์  SRT  (proposed)
x Bang Sue บางซื่อ  SRT 
ARLbangkok.svg  ARL (proposed)[16]
 MRT : Bang Sue
x Bang Son บางซ่อน  MRT : Bang Son
x Phra Ram 6 พระราม 6
x Bang Kruai-EGAT บางกรวย-กฟผ. Nonthaburi
x Bang Bamru บางบำหรุ InnerCity Shortcut: Bang Bamru (proposed)
x Taling Chan ตลิ่งชัน  MRT : Talingchan (proposed) Bangkok
x Ban Chimphli บ้านฉิมพลี
x Kanchanaphisek กาญจนาภิเษก
x Sala Thammasop ศาลาธรรมสพณ์
x Sala Ya ศาลายา Nakhon Pathom
Talingchan-Sirirat Branch Line
x Taling Chan ตลิ่งชัน  MRT : Talingchan (proposed) Bangkok
x Talat Nam Taling Chan ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน
x Charan Sanitwongse จรัญสนิทวงษ์  MRT : Bang Khun Non (proposed)
 MRT : Bang Khun Non (Under construction)
x Thonburi-Siriraj ธนบุรี-ศิริราช  MRT : Siriraj (proposed)
Bang Bamru-Makkasan InnerCity Shortcut Line
x Bang Bamru บางบำหรุ Main line: Bang Bamru Nonthaburi
x Sirindhorn สิรินธร  MRT : Sirindhorn (Under construction) Bangkok
x Sam Sen สามเสน  MRT : Sam Sen (proposed)
x Khaodin Zoo สวนสัตว์เขาดิน
x Victory Monument อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ  BTS : Victory Monument
x Makkasan มักกะสัน ARLbangkok.svg  ARL : Makkasan


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