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Industry Solid State Storage
Founded 2009
Founder Marco Poetzsch and Ross Metherell
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Area served
Key people
Marco Poetzsch Managing Direct and a Founder
Ross Metherell, Director (title)
Products Solid State Drives, DRAM SSDs, PCIexpress drives, Laptops, Computers, Tablet PCs
Services Computer hardware consultation, IT project support,

SSDeurope is a computer hardware distributor based in Dublin, Ireland, that specializes in the supply of Solid State Drives based on NAND Flash memory technology and devices that use NAND Flash memory, such as Laptops, Tablet PCs and Servers.

The company was founded in 2009, as the European expansion of Solid State Central, a former Melbourne, Australia based distributor of Solid State Drives.


SSDeurope has partnerships with:

and supplies Solid State Drive solutions to end-consumers, businesses and resellers in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Some of the most prominent clients of SSDeurope include top audio/video professionals, specialized Apple stores, system integrators, military contractors and several customers from the banking and finance industry. Most of SSDeurope's resellers are based in Italy and Eastern Europe, in particularly Romania and Russia, while most of SSDeurope's general clients are based in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.

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