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Key visual
GenreKaiju, mecha[1]
Created byTsuburaya Productions
Anime television series
Directed byAkira Amemiya
Produced by
  • Tomoyuki Oowada
  • Hiroshi Kamei
  • Naoki Koyama
  • Ichirou Ikeda
  • Hiro Tanaka
Written byKeiichi Hasegawa
Music byShirō Sagisu
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, MBS
Original run April 2, 2021 June 18, 2021
Episodes12 (List of episodes)

SSSS.Dynazenon (stylized as SSSS.DYNΛZENON) is a 2021 Japanese anime television series produced by Trigger. It is the sequel to the 2018 anime SSSS.Gridman and the second installment in the shared Gridman Universe media established in 2018 after the 1993–94 tokusatsu drama Gridman the Hyper Agent by Tsuburaya Productions.[2][3][4] The 12-episode series aired in Japan from April to June 2021.


Yomogi Asanaka is just an ordinary high school boy when he encounters a young man named Gauma, who claims he is a "Kaiju User". When the city is attacked by a Kaiju, Gauma summons the giant robot Dynazenon to battle it. Yomogi, his classmate Yume Minami, and local NEET Koyomi Yamanaka are caught up in the battle and end up becoming Gauma's copilots for Dynazenon. Together, they must uncover and put a stop to whatever is behind the Kaiju attacks.


Gauma Team[edit]

Gauma (ガウマ, Gauma)[5][6]
Voiced by: Daiki Hamano[5][6] (Japanese); Aaron Campbell[7] (English)
A mysterious man who befriended Yomogi after the latter offered him food. Gauma is a Kaiju User (怪獣使い, Kaijū Tsukai) whose power to manipulate monsters diminished, forcing him to instead pilot the titular mecha, Dynazenon. Gauma is later revealed to be a former member of the Kaiju Eugenicists in their previous incarnation from five millennia prior, who died fighting against the others when they betrayed the princess they were sworn to protect. His mummified remains were uncovered during the events of Gridman the Hyper Agent, where he indirectly provided Gridman with the Assist Weapon Dyna Dragon. Because his link to the Kaiju was severed, Gauma is gradually dying and hides this fact from his teammates, eventually passing away after Gagula is destroyed.
Gauma pilots the Dynadiver (ダイナダイバー, Dainadaibā) submarine component from Dynazenon.
Yomogi Asanaka (麻中 蓬, Asanaka Yomogi)[5][6]
Voiced by: Junya Enoki[5][6] (Japanese); Dallas Reid[7] (English)
A high school student in his first year who took on a part time job at a convenience store to cope with his parents' divorce and his mother getting a boyfriend. He befriended Gauma after offering him food and was dragged into co-piloting Dynazenon due to being nearby when Shalbandes attacked. Out of the four pilots, Yomogi's work schedule prohibited him from spending more time in training for his piloting skills.
Yomogi pilots the Dynasoldier (ダイナソルジャー, Dainasorujā) robot component of Dynazenon. In the presence of Gridknight, the robot is able to form into the Dynamic Cannon (ダイナミックキャノン, Dainamikku Kyanon) for the giant to wield.
In an original storyline written by Akira Amemiya for the SSSS.DYNAZENON SHOW, a live event held on October 17, 2021, Yomogi marries Yume ten years after the events of the series.[8]
Yume Minami (南 夢芽, Minami Yume)[5][6]
Voiced by: Shion Wakayama[5][6] (Japanese); Kristen McGuire[7] (English)
One of Yomogi's classmates; a girl with a reputation for cheating boys by always standing them up for "dates". She was forced by Gauma into co-piloting Dynazenon after she makes Yomogi her most recent victim. Many of her unusual traits are implied to be the result of her poor relationship with her late sister, who was found dead before the events of the story, and she spends much of her time investigating that incident.
Yume pilots the Dynawing (ダイナウイング, Dainauingu) stealth aircraft component of Dynazenon.
In an original storyline written by Akira Amemiya for the SSSS.DYNAZENON SHOW, a live event held on October 17, 2021, Yume marries Yomogi ten years after the events of the series.[8]
Koyomi Yamanaka (山中 暦, Yamanaka Koyomi)[5][6]
Voiced by: Yūichirō Umehara[5][6] (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht[7] (English)
A 33 year old NEET who lives with his mother, who was forced by Gauma into co-piloting Dynazenon after Chise asked him to accompany her when the Kaiju Shalbandes attacked. He is highly troubled by an incident from his school years where a classmate asked him to run away with her after finding a large amount of money hidden in a nearby building, only for him to turn her down. When she turns out to be Yomogi's supervisor and recently married, he becomes deeply tormented by his past.
Koyomi pilots the Dynastriker (ダイナストライカー, Dainasutoraikā), a race car component of Dynazenon.
Chise Asukagawa (飛鳥川 ちせ, Asukagawa Chise)[5][6]
Voiced by: Chika Anzai[5][6] (Japanese); Megan Shipman[7] (English)
Koyomi's cousin, who addresses the former as her senior. Although not a pilot of Dynazenon, Chise often hangs out with them due to Koyomi's participation, and had once substituted for Yomogi in Dynasoldier after he fell ill. Her deep frustrations regarding school and feeling excluded by the Dynazenon pilots manifest the Kaijuu Goldburn from its seed.
Dynazenon (ダイナゼノン, Dainazenon)
A Kaiju-fighting robot summoned by Gauma through the use of a dragon ornament given to him by the princess five thousand years ago, after his ability to control Kaiju diminished. As it requires four pilots to operate, Gauma was forced to include Yomogi, Yume and Koyomi as his co-pilots. Able to separate into three vehicles and a smaller dinosaur-like robot, Dynazenon's components can form several additional combinations:
  • Dynarex (ダイナレックス, Dainarekkusu), an alternate combination of all its pieces with a more dragon-like appearance.
  • Dynasoldier Wing Combine (ダイナソルジャーウイングコンバイン, Dainasorujā Uingu Konbain), formed with Dynasoldier and Dynawing.
  • Dynasoldier Diver Combine (ダイナソルジャーダイバーコンバイン, Dainasorujā Daibā Konbain), formed with Dynasoldier and Dynadiver.
  • Dynasoldier Striker Combine (ダイナソルジャーストライカーコンバイン, Dainasorujā Sutoraikā Konbain), formed with Dynasoldier and Dynastriker.
Goldburn (ゴルドバーン, Gorudobān)
Chise's personal Kaiju, named after an in-universe rock band and has the ability to change size. It was originally a baroque pearl that Chise picked up after Shalbandes's destruction, which slowly transformed into a golden-armored dragon over time. Unlike the stray Kaiju manipulated by the Eugenicists, Goldburn is loyal to Chise and serves a pivotal role in merging Dynazenon and Gridknight into Kaiser Gridknight.

Gridknight Alliance[edit]

A pair of Kaiju in human form who appeared in SSSS.GRIDMAN, entering the real world to help the Gauma Team. The two return to the Computer World in the series finale, taking Dynazenon and Goldburn with them.

Knight (ナイト, Naito) / Gridknight (グリッドナイト, Guriddonaito)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese); Stephen Fu (English)
A character from SSSS.GRIDMAN, he was originally a Kaiju named Anti (アンチ, Anchi), who was created by Akane Shinjo to fight against Gridman in a computer simulation of the real world. But he was discarded by his creator after developing past his programmed purpose into a sentient being, supporting the Gridman Alliance as Gridknight in foiling Alexis Kerib's plans. Years after renaming himself, an older Knight returns to assist the Gauma Team in fighting against the Kaiju assaults. Because of his presence on Fujiyokidai, Gridknight is capable of influencing Dynazenon as part of his armaments.
  • Kaiser Gridknight (カイゼルグリッドナイト, Kaizeru Guriddonaito): The fusion of Gridknight with Dynazenon and Goldburn, taking Dynasoldier's place as the central component while the latter becoming the Dynamic Cannon on his right shoulder. Gridknight can also initiate this fusion even if the Dynazenon pilots are absent, albeit weaker in combat.
  • Grid Burn Knight (グリッドバーンナイト, Guriddo Bān Naito): The fusion between Gridknight and Goldburn, the latter acting as his flight pack.
The 2nd (2代目, Nidaime)
Voiced by: Karin Takahashi (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
Formally known as Kaiju Girl Anosillus the 2nd (怪獣少女アノシラス(2代目), Kaijū Shōjo Anoshirasu Nidaime) from SSSS.GRIDMAN, she is a Kaiju related to Anosillus who made minor appearances to reveal the truth of Akane Shinjo's simulation to the protagonists and later tending to Anti's injuries in the series epilogue. She returns as an adult to accompany Knight in assisting the Gauma Team in fighting against Kaiju assaults, wielding a twirling baton to fix damages in a similar manner to Unison in Gridman the Hyper Agent.

Kaiju Eugenicists[edit]

The Kaiju Eugenicists (怪獣優生思想, Kaijū Yūsei Shisō) are a quartet of youths that serve as the series's antagonists. Five thousand years prior, they were betrayed and killed by Gauma when he sided against them after they attempted a coup against their nation. Having been resurrected in the present day by their link to Kaiju, they use their Instance Domination (インスタンス・ドミネーション, Insutansu Dominēshon) ability to take control of Kaiju in the name of destroying humanity. After the death of Garnix and the discovery that no new Kaiju will ever be born again, the Kaiju Eugenicists disband and go their separate ways. In the last episode, however, they choose to be absorbed into Gagula to increase his power for his battle with Kaizer Gridknight, existing within it in a very similar way to how the pilots appear within Dynazenon. They are apparently killed after the death of Gagula, though Shimizu is seen afterwards in an indeterminate space.

Juuga (ジュウガ, Jūga)[9][10]
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya[9][10] (Japanese); Y. Chang[7] (English)
The perceptive member of the group. Juuga bears little resentment towards Gauma despite admitting that he felt betrayed regardless as he profoundly respects Gauma. He expresses an interest in Dynazenon and assumes its co-pilots must be Kaiju Users as well.
Onija (オニジャ)[9][10]
Voiced by: Yuma Uchida[9][10] (Japanese); David Matranga[7] (English)
The short-tempered member with a personal vendetta against Gauma for defecting from their group and using Dynazenon to fight against monsters. He holds a deep hatred for mankind and wants to kill as many people as possible. A running gag is that when Dynazenon destroys a monster, Onija is usually struck by falling debris and nearly killed.
Mujina (ムジナ)[9][10]
Voiced by: Ayaka Suwa[9][10] (Japanese); Kara Edwards[7] (English)
The only female member of the group. Early on, she appears to have little motivation and to simply go along with what the others desire, but halfway through the series she grows closer to Onija and becomes far more aggressive.
Sizumu (シズム, Shizumu)[9][10]
Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama[9][10] (Japanese); Lee George[7] (English)
The youngest member and de facto leader of the group after Gauma's defection. Sizumu transfers into Yomogi's and Yume's class in an attempt to understand their emotions and to explain his own motivations to them. He is said to be able to hear the voices of the Kaiju, and strongly believes that humans lose their freedom when they develop bonds with one another. After the defeat of Garnix he reveals that the Kaiju {nihongo|Gagula|ガギュラ|Gagyura}} lives within him, and uses Instance Domination to assume a massive combined form that absorbs the other Eugenicists and battles Kaiser Gridknight in the last fight of the series. Even after their apparent death, he appears to have one last conversation with Yomogi in an alternative space, where he questions why Yomogi chose to give up the total freedom offered by the power of Kaiju to ignore reality and common sense.

Fujiyokidai High School[edit]

Mei (角井 鳴衣)[9][10][11]
Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro[9][10] (Japanese); Emily Neves[7] (English)
Yume's sole friend in school.
Awaki (淡木), Nazumi (なずみ), Ranka (らんか) and Kaneishi (金石)[9][10]
Voiced by: Jin Ogasawara, Gakuto Kajiwara, Rio Tsuchiya and Hikaru Tono[9][10] (Japanese); Zach Bolton, Mark Allen, Jr., AmaLee and Jenny Yokobori[7][12] (English)
Yomogi's circle of friends in his class.


Inamoto-san (稲本さん, Inamoto-san)[9][10]
Voiced by: Mariya Ise[9][10] (Japanese); Elizabeth Maxwell[7] (English)
Yomogi's co-worker in his part time job. Inamoto-san was once Koyomi's crush during their school years, until an incident involving her led him to become a shut-in that he is today.
Kano Minami (南 香乃, Minami Kano)
Voiced by: Iori Saeki (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English)
Yume's sister, she died during the former's childhood.


In SSSS.DYNAZENON, the Kaiju are monsters naturally appearing due to human emotions, Sizumu describing them as embodiments of humanity's disillusionment with being restrained by emotional bonds. The Kaiju Eugenicists sought to control them and wipe mankind out. Upon being controlled by a Kaiju User's Instance Domination, they grew into red-eyed behemoths that towered over the cityscape, though Zaiohn grew massive without any outside influence.

Shalbandes (シャルバンデス, Sharubandesu)
Voiced by: TBA (Japanese); Jordan Dash Cruz (English)
The first monster to appear, controlled by the Kaiju Eugenicists off-screen. After failing to tame the monster with his own power, Gauma was forced to summon Dynazenon for the first time. He eventually defeats it with Dynarex formation.
Greyjhom (グレージョム, Gurējomu)
Voiced by: TBA (Japanese); Kevin Thelwell (English)
A monster that was originally shorter and docile, until being manipulated by Juuga. Yomogi and Yume drag the monster into the air with Dyna Wing Combine so that Gauma can bombard it with Dynadiver's missiles.
Burnaddon (バーナドドン, Bānadodon)
A monster that was manipulated by Onija, possessing the ability to generate large amounts of explosions. The Dynazenon team defeats it by taking it into space, where its explosives fail to detonate.
Didoras (ディドラス, Didorasu)
Manipulated by Mujina, it is a monster with the ability to temporarily transform three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional ones. It was destroyed by Dynarex's Rex Roar.
Neophobia (ネオフォビア, Neofobia)
A jellyfish-like monster with a hidden secondary mouth. It was manipulated by Sizumu from the water park and was destroyed by Dynarex.
Bullbind (ブルバイン, Burubain)
A winged four-legged monster manipulated by the combined powers of Onija and Mujina. Although it came close to destroying Dynarex, Gridknight's appearance forced the Eugenicists to transport the monster elsewhere. During Bullbind's second rampage, it was killed by the combined force of Dynazenon and Gridknight.
Zaiohn (ザイオーン, Zaiōn)
Voiced by: Iori Yoshida, Tōma Yoshida
Originally a small monster which the Gauma Team discovered after it was abandoned by the Kaiju Eugenicists. The monster grew into a towering giant on its own and rampaged across the city, forcing Gridknight to destroy it using the Dynasoldier's Dynamic Cannon form.
Gibzorg (ギブゾーグ, Gibuzōgu)
A monster that Juuga manipulated in the light of Yume's personal issues. It was defeated by the newly formed Kaiser Gridknight.
Garnix (ガルニクス, Garunikusu)
The last stray monster to appear, it possessed a strange ability that trapped its victims in their own pasts, causing them to instantly vanish. It immediately caused the disappearance of the Kaiju Eugenicists when they attempted to control it, then caused the entire city to vanish bit by bit. With most of the pilots already taken by its effect, Yomogi was forced to travel through the space within it and bring the others back into the present so that they could fight. After rescuing his teammates and Knight, they formed Kaiser Gridknight and destroyed the monster.

Production and release[edit]

The anime project was announced in December 2019 during Tsuburaya Productions' Tsubucon convention. At that time, original production staffs from SSSS.Gridman such as director Amemiya, writer Hasegawa, character designer Sakamoto and composer Sagisu were the ones announced to return to their old positions. Amemiya had hoped that the success of SSSS.Dynazenon would open new potential to other Gridman-related projects.[2][3][4] The first five of the cast members were announced in May 2020, including the key visual of the main characters.[5][6] The first teaser was aired in October 2020 to promote the initial cast members.[13]

In December 2020, additional information were announced at the Tokyo Comicon 2020. Other than a few additions to the cast members, the titular mecha Dynazenon was designed by Tsuyoshi Nonaka and Takara Tomy finally return to participate in the Gridman franchise after Gridman the Hyper Agent back in 1993.[9][10] The series aired from April 2 to June 18, 2021, on Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS.[14][15][16] The opening theme is "Imperfect" by Masayoshi Ōishi while the ending theme is "Strobe Memory" by Maaya Uchida.[17][18]

Funimation licensed the series and is simulcasting on its website in North America, British Isles and Brazil, on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand, and on Wakanim in France, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia.[19] Following Sony's acquisition of Crunchyroll, the series was moved to Crunchyroll.[20]


No.Title [21][22]Directed by [21]Written by [21]Storyboarded by [21]Original air date [23]
1"What Is a Kaiju User?"
Transcription: "Kaijū Tsukaitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 怪獣使いって、なに?)
Yoshiyuki KanekoKeiichi HasegawaAkira AmemiyaApril 2, 2021 (2021-04-02)
Yomogi Asanaka is a regular high school student who happens upon a mysterious young man named Gauma, who is disabled by hunger. Yomogi offers Gauma a sandwich, which earns Gauma's loyalty to him, as he reveals that he is a "Kaiju User". The next day, Yomogi is asked out on a date by Yume Minami, a strange girl from Yomogi's class who has a reputation for asking boys out on dates and then ditching them. Yomogi, skeptical of the rumors, accepts. Meanwhile, strange phenomena begins to occur around the city as random objects and buildings begin to float in the air. That night, Yomogi heads to the meeting point but Yume fails to arrive. Gauma spots Yume observing Yomogi from a distance and confronts her over breaking her promise to Yomogi, and Yume admits there is something wrong with her. Suddenly, a Kaiju appears in the middle the city. Unable to take control of the Kaiju, Gauma uses a special item to summon the robot Dynazenon. Requiring four pilots to crew it, Dynazenon absorbs Gauma, Yomogi, Yume, and a nearby NEET named Koyomi Yamanaka, as his cousin, Chise Asukagawa, watches helplessly. Gauma takes sole control of Dynazenon to battle the Kaiju, but when the Kaiju gains the upper hand, Gauma transforms Dynazenon into its "Dyna Rex" form, easily defeating the Kaiju.
2"What's Your Reason for Fighting?"
Transcription: "Tatakau Riyūtte, Nani?" (Japanese: 戦う理由って、なに?)
Akira FurukawaKeiichi HasegawaAkira AmemiyaApril 9, 2021 (2021-04-09)
At the conclusion of the battle, Dynazenon shrinks down into a toy size. Gauma splits Dynazenon's components between himself, Yomogi, Yume, and Koyomi. Meanwhile, Chise finds a mysterious pebble on the ground and picks it up. Gauma tells the others that the Kaiju they just fought was being controlled by the "Kaiju Eugenicists", Kaiju Users like him, and that they will attack the city again, so they must train to better pilot Dynazenon. While Gauma, Yume, and Koyomi are serious about training, Yomogi instead focuses on his part-time job. Yume confronts Yomogi and combines her Dynazenon piece, "Dyna Wing", with Yomogi's "Dyna Soldier" to form the "Dyna Soldier Wing Combine". She then takes Yomogi to see the section of the city that was devastated by the Kaiju battle. On the way home, Yume mentions that her older sister died in an accident when she was young. The next day, four mysterious figures arrive in the city and take control of a Kaiju that recently appeared, causing havoc in the city again. Gauma, Yomogi, Yume, and Koyomi meet the Kaiju in battle with Dynazenon, but are forced to separate in order to match the Kaiju's faster speed. Having not trained, Yomogi finds it difficult to keep up with his partners until Yume links up with him to form Dyna Soldier Wing Combine again. Seeing a bus full of civilians caught in the battle, Yomogi gains the determination to fight, throwing the Kaiju into the air so Gauma can destroy it with a missile barrage. Afterwards, the four strangers confront Gauma, and he confirms that they are the Kaiju Eugenicists.
3"What Is a Traitor?"
Transcription: "Uragirimonotte, Nani?" (Japanese: 裏切り者って、なに?)
Yūichi ShimodairaKeiichi HasegawaKen ŌtsukaApril 16, 2021 (2021-04-16)
The Kaiju Eugenicists reveal that they and Gauma used to be comrades, and ask him to rejoin their ranks, to which he refuses. Realizing they are at a disadvantage without a kaiju, the Kaiju Eugenicists retreat. The next day, Yomogi meets Yume at school, where she tells him how she and her older sister, Kano, were never particularly close, but Kano went out of her way to invite Yume to her music recital shortly before she died. Yume had been left wondering why Kano reached out to her then, and gets the contact information for one of Kano's classmates, Kanae. Meanwhile, Koyomi runs into Yomogi's part-time boss, Inamoto, who happens to be an old classmate of his, and Chise begins to feel jealous. One of the Kaiju Eugenicists, Juuga, personally meets with Yomogi, and explains Gauma used to be part of the Kaiju Eugenicists 5,000 years ago until he betrayed them, and now they have all been revived in the present day for unknown reasons. Yomogi, Yume, and Koyomi confront Gauma about his reasons for turning against the Kaiju Eugenicists, but he dodges the question. The next day, the Kaiju Eugenicists take control of a kaiju that appears in Chiba. The Dynazenon crew respond to the attack, but cannot get close due to the kaiju's ability to create explosions around itself. Gauma asks the others to combine to form Dynazenon, but they tell him it is impossible until he can earn their trust, so Gauma admits that he is looking for the woman who entrusted Dynazenon to him. Satisfied, the crew combines to form Dynazenon and carry the kaiju into space where its explosions have no effect and destroy it. The falling debris from the kaiju's corpse then lands on one of the Kaiju Eugenicists, apparently killing him. As Yume muses about the possibility of kaiju reviving people from the dead, the apparently dead Kaiju Eugenicist survives, surprised that he is still alive.
4"What Is This Thumping Heart?"
Transcription: "Kono Tokimekitte, Nani?" (Japanese: このときめきって、なに?)
Tatsumi FujiiKeiichi HasegawaTatsumi FujiiApril 23, 2021 (2021-04-23)
Yomogi lately finds it difficult to focus on his tasks, and Inamoto surmises that he has a crush on Yume and encourages him to ask her out on a date. Yume meets with Kanae but does not learn much from her, but is pointed towards another classmate, Urita, who should have video recordings of Kano's performances. Later, one of the Kaiju Eugenicists, Sizumu, joins Yomogi and Yume's class under the guise of a transfer student, but appears friendly. He tells Yomogi and Yume that the Kaiju Eugenicists do not actually create the kaiju. Instead, the kaiju are born from a human's desire to be free from some burden, and the Kaiju Eugenicists take control of them in order to build a world where kaiju are needed. The next day, Yomogi is bedridden with a cold so Yume pays a visit to him. Meanwhile, the Kaiju Eugenicists take control a kaiju that can turn objects into 2D objects. With Yomogi down with a cold, Gauma, Yume, and Koyomi are forced to move out without him, with Yomogi loaning Dyna Soldier to Yume. Chise tries to pilot Dyna Soldier in Yomogi's stead, but proves to be too inexperienced to use it effectively. Yume is forced to pick up Yomogi so they can combine into Dynazenon and destroy the kaiju. On the way home, Yomogi asks Yume if he can accompany her to her visit with Urita, as he wants to know more about her. The next day, Yume is absent from class as she has caught Yomogi's cold.
5"What's Lover-Like Mean?"
Transcription: "Koibito Mitaitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 恋人みたいって、なに?)
Hideyuki SatakeKeiichi HasegawaHiroyuki ŌshimaApril 30, 2021 (2021-04-30)
During another training session, Yomogi and Koyomi test combining Dyna Soldier and Dyna Striker together into Dyna Soldier Striker Combine, but find the combination too top heavy to use effectively. Yomogi and Yume then go meet Urita, who shows them a video of Kano, but does not know much more about her. Koyomi has lunch with Inamoto, as he wonders why she suddenly wants to spend time with him even though she is married. Meanwhile, Chise secures tickets to the Tokyo Beach Land water park. Yume invites Sizumu to join them, with Gauma figuring it is the perfect opportunity for them to capture him while he is separated from the other Kaiju Eugenicists. However, the group, with the exception of Gauma, spend the day having fun while Gauma's attempts are constantly thwarted. Sizumu then reveals to Yomogi and Yume that kaiju are attracted to certain emotions before the other Kaiju Eugenicists summon him to take control of a recently appeared kaiju. The Dynazenon crew assemble to fight it, and Yomogi and Koyomi manage to use Dyna Soldier Striker Combine's firepower to stun the kaiju long enough for them to combine into Dynazenon and defeat it. Yomogi and Yume then go meet the former vice president of the Chorus Club, who tells Yume that there was a rumor that Kano did not die in an accident, but committed suicide instead.
6"What Is This Pain?"
Transcription: "Kono Setsunasatte, Nani?" (Japanese: この切なさって、なに?)
Yoshiyuki KanekoKeiichi HasegawaYoshiyuki KanekoMay 7, 2021 (2021-05-07)
In a meeting Yume is disturbed upon the rumors that Kano was being bullied by her classmates which could possibly have led to her committing suicide. However, the video evidence she views is not conclusive and Yomogi feels troubled when Yume starts shutting him out. The Kaiju Eugenicists have their own meeting, with Juuga and Onija advocating for killing Gauma and his friends, but Sizumu believes keeping them alive will benefit kaiju evolution, while Mujina remains undecided. Meanwhile, Koyomi has some drinks with Inamoto and is introduced to her husband, creating a feeling of resentment in him. After the meeting, a drunk Koyomi stumbles across Mujina, who takes the opportunity to steal the Dyna Striker from him. Once again, the Kaiju Eugenicists are split with Juuga wanting use it as bargaining chip, Onija wanting to destroy it, and Sizumu wanting to return it with no conditions. Once learning about what happened, Gauma, Koyomi, and Chise chase after the Kaiju Eugenicists and take Dyna Striker back. After escaping, the Kaiju Eugenicists locate another kaiju that is dominated by the combined efforts of Onija and Mujina. The Dynazenon crew confront the enemy kaiju, but Yomogi, Koyomi, and Yume are emotionally shaken by the latest events in their lives and lack the resolve to fight back. Just as Dynazenon is about to be defeated, Gridknight appears to protect it.
7"What's Our Reason for Coming Together?"
Transcription: "Atsumatta Imitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 集まった意味って、なに?)
Yoshihiro MiyajimaKeiichi HasegawaYoshihiro MiyajimaMay 14, 2021 (2021-05-14)
Gridknight attacks the kaiju and quickly gains the upper hand, forcing Onija and Mujina to teleport it to safety and retreat. Gridknight then attacks Dynazenon, mistaking it for another kaiju, but quickly withdraws when his energy runs out. Koyomi sees Inamoto's husband caught in the wreckage and goes to rescue him, despite his resentment and jealousy towards him. Gauma, Yomogi, and Yume unsuccessfully search for the kaiju before deciding to stay watch all night to wait for it reappear. Chise and Koyomi eventually link up with the group when they're approached by Knight and The Second, part of the self-proclaimed Gridknight Alliance. They offer to help the Dynazenon crew fight the kaiju and repair the damage Dynazenon suffered in the previous battle, but Gauma refuses due to his mistrust. Later that night, Yume confides to Yomogi that she and Kano used to be close as children but grew more distant as they got older, and that she only saw Kano smile again just before her death. She still wants to find out what caused Kano's death, inspiring Yomogi to continue helping her. The next morning, the kaiju reappears. Gridknight also appears to team up with Dynazenon while The Second uses a Fixer Beam to repair Dynazenon's damage. Working together, Dynazenon and Gridknight destroy the kaiju. The Gridknight Alliance parts ways, and Koyomi finally comes to terms with his hang-ups over Inamoto, cutting ties with her. Yume asks Yomogi for his help in tracking down Futaba Senda, a Chorus Club member who was allegedly in a relationship with Kano.
8"What Is This Wavering Emotion?"
Transcription: "Yureugoku Kimochitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 揺れ動く気持ちって、なに?)
Rei ŌwadaKeiichi HasegawaYūichi AbeMay 21, 2021 (2021-05-21)
Sizumu comes across a kaiju, but it is incomplete and deformed, so he decides to ignore it. Koyomi recalls how while he was in high school, he came across Inamoto finding a bag full of money and asking him to run away with her, but he fled in fear instead. Yomogi and Yume try to track down Futaba with little success. Gauma learns about the kaiju and summons the group, and they manage to capture it. Gauma attempts to dominate it, but fails as his power appears to have weakened. The other members of the crew decide to try it as well, and while they all fail, Yomogi seems to have an adverse reaction for a brief moment. Knight and the Second then arrive and explain that kaiju are born out of human emotions and recommend killing it before it can become a threat, but the crew decides to spare it with Gauma promising to keep an eye on it. However, the kaiju escapes and grows larger, becoming a threat to the city. Yomogi and Knight deploy together and the Dyna Soldier becomes the Dynamic Cannon, wielded by Gridknight. Though he wonders if kaiju are capable of having hearts, Yomogi attempts to dominate the kaiju with limited success and destroys it with the Dynamic Cannon in order to protect the city and Yume. Afterwards, Yume thanks Yomogi for protecting her and offers to go out and eat with him.
9"What Are These Overlapping Emotions?"
Transcription: "Kasanaru Kimochitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 重なる気持ちって、なに?)
Akira FurukawaKeiichi HasegawaYoshiyuki KanekoMay 28, 2021 (2021-05-28)
Chise discovers a small, golden dragon-like Kaiju in her room who responds to her commands, which she names Goldburn. While Chise ponders about what to do with Goldburn, Futaba Senda has a meeting with Yume and Yomogi. Yume reprimands Futaba for not being at her sister's side when she needed it and falls into despair, just when Juuga takes control of another Kaiju. Yomogi attends to Yume's request to join the others ahead of her but Gauma sends him back to pick her up. Chise attempts to convince Yume to assist them, when Goldburn suddenly appears and Yomogi pushes him away to protect Yume, mistaking him for an enemy. Yume ends up falling off the tower while attempting to pick up her sister's puzzle that fell from her hand, but Goldburn rescues her. Together, Yomogi, Yume, and Goldburn rescue Gauma, Koyomi, and Knight from the enemy Kaiju, and the six combine into Kaiser Gridknight to defeat it. After the battle, Juuga points out that the Kaiju Eugenicists will eventually run out of Kaiju to take control and the Dynazenon crew accept Goldburn as part of their team, while inviting the Gridknight Alliance to attend the nearby festival, but they arrive too late to enjoy the festivities and decide to hold their own fireworks party instead.
10"Which Memories Do You Regret?"
Transcription: "Omoi Nokoshita Kiokutte, Nani?" (Japanese: 思い残した記憶って、なに?)
Hideyuki SatakeKeiichi HasegawaKai IkarashiJune 4, 2021 (2021-06-04)
The Kaiju Eugenicists come across another kaiju and attempt to dominate it, but all of them mysteriously disappear instead. Meanwhile, as the Dynazenon crew are enjoying the day, they are sent into shock as the kaiju makes Yume, Koyomi, Gauma, and Knight disappear one by one. While Goldburn protects Chise and Second, Yomogi leaps into the kaiju's mouth to rescue his friends. Inside, Yomogi finds out that the kaiju has trapped everybody in their own memories. He enters Yume's memory, which takes place shortly before Kano's death and he convinces Yume to confront Kano. Kano assures Yume she was not suicidal and always cared about Yume. Koyomi is brought back to the memory of Inamoto finding the bag of money, and he decides to run away with her. Gauma returns to 5,000 years ago when he was part of the Kaiju Eugenicists and relives betraying and killing them. Knight relives his time as Akane Shinjo's minion. Yomogi manages to free Koyomi, Gauma, and Knight from their memories and everybody breaks out from the kaiju, combining into Kaiser Gridknight and destroying it. With the world returned to normal, Yume comes to terms with Kano's death as her friends celebrate their victory.
11"What Wish Can't Come True?"
Transcription: "Hatasenu Negaitte, Nani?" (Japanese: 果たせぬ願いって、なに?)
Keita NagaharaKeiichi HasegawaKeita NagaharaJune 11, 2021 (2021-06-11)
After the battle, the Kaiju Eugenicists discover that they are out of Kaiju to fight with and disband. With their mission apparently over, Gauma retrieves Dynazenon from the others, but is disheartened that he never managed to reunite with his beloved Princess. Koyomi decides to look for a job and Chise attempts to return to school, when Knight and The Second reveal to her that they will soon depart to another world, taking Goldburn with them. Yume asks Yomogi to accompany her to visit her family's grave, paying respects for her sister for the first time after her death. On their way back, Yomogi confesses his love for Yume when Sizumu attacks them. Gauma stops him, and discovers that due to becoming a human, his resurrected body will not last for long and will soon die. Sizumu reveals that there is one Kaiju left inside his body and uses it to transform into a Kaiju himself. With Koyomi absent and Gauma weakened, Knight takes Goldburn and Dynazenon to form Kaiser Gridknight and confront Sizumu alone, but is overpowered by the enemy.
12"What Was I Entrusted With?"
Transcription: "Takusareta Monotte, Nani?" (Japanese: 託されたものって、なに?)
Yūichi ShimodairaKeiichi HasegawaAkira AmemiyaJune 18, 2021 (2021-06-18)
Sizumu absorbs the other Kaiju Eugenicists to become stronger and defeats Kaiser Gridknight. Gauma and the others arrive to help and the team recompose to stand against the enemy. Amidst the battle, Yomogi uses his newly awakened Kaiju User power to upset the Kaiju and the Dynazenon Crew form Dynazenon to destroy it with Knight and Goldburn's help, killing all the Kaiju Eugenicists with it. After the battle, Gauma thanks the others for meeting them and passes away, with Dynazenon deactivating. Three months later, Goldburn is recovered from his wounds and departs to another world with Knight and Second, taking the Dynazenon with them. Koyomi gets a job thanks to Inamoto's husband and Chise still has not returned to her school, which was struck by the last battle and is still in repairs. Yomogi and Yume, now a couple, participate in the school festival together, hoping to never forget the memories of their adventure. Meanwhile, it is revealed Knight and Second have brought Dynazenon to the digital world, where it revives and comes to life.

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