SS Cape May (T-AKR-5063)

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SS Cape May at Dry Dock Number 3.agr.JPG
Cape May in drydock in 2006
United States
Name: SS Almeria Lykes
Owner: Sea Lift Command
Builder: General Dynamics Quincy Shipbuilding Division, Quincy, Massachusetts
Laid down: October 31st, 1971
Launched: February 27th 1972
Acquired: September 26th 1972
Commissioned: She was purchased on July 25th 1986, by the US dept of transportation Maritime Administration
Renamed: SS Cape May
Status: laid up in a layberth at Naval Station Norfolk, VA. in FOS-5 status
General characteristics
Class and type: Heavy Lift Barge Carrier
Displacement: 18,900 tons empty, 55,660 full
Length: 876 ft
Beam: 106 ft
Draft: 40 ft
Propulsion: two steam turbines, two shafts
Speed: 16.2 kts.
Range: not disclosed
Capacity: 24 barges, 19 CAFS
Complement: 34 when operational, 9 while in reserve
Time to activate: 5 days
Armament: none
Aviation facilities: Capable of landing a helicopter but not basing one

SS Cape May (T-AKR-5063) is a steam turbine powered heavy-lift SEABEE barge carrier, one of two ships of her type in the Military Sealift Command's Ready Reserve Force.

She was originally built as the Maritime Administration type (C8-S-82a) hull SS Almeria Lykes, ON 536671, IMO 7205958, under MARAD contract (MA 241), for commercial use with the Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. She was laid down on 31 October 1971, at the General Dynamics Quincy Shipbuilding Division, MA, hull no. 18, launched on 27 February 1972, and delivered for service on 26 September 1972. The ship was turned over to MARAD 25 July 1986, and assigned to MSC's RRF as SS Cape May (AKR-5063)

Cape May is used in various tasks for the US military in heavy transport of goods in various theaters of action. She is currently in ready reserve status ready to be called upon for any large cargo work needed.

Cape May underway.jpg

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