SS Castlegar

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SS Castlegar
SS Castlegar
OwnerCanadian Pacific Railway
Out of service1925
General characteristics

Castlegar was a wooden-hulled tugboat for the Canadian Pacific Railway company.[1] Built in 1911 at Okanagan Landing, its purpose was to handle railway car barges on Okanagan Lake.[2] The Castlegar was a significant improvement over existing vessels in the Okanagan for service at the time.[2]

In November 1913, Skookum was sunk in a collision with Castlegar between Trout Creek and Penticton, leading to the injuries of three men.[3] The captain of Castlegar at the time was J. Fitzsimmons and the chief engineer on board was G. Smith.[2]

After 12 years of service on Okanagan Lake, the tugboat was retired in 1925. The engines salvaged from Castlegar were used in Roseberry.[2]


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