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SS Corinaldo
General characteristics

SS Corinaldo was a British steamship that collided with and sank the French passenger ship Eubee in 1936.

On 14 August 1936, Eubee was traveling from Bordeaux, France, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 1,478 passengers on board in fog when Corinaldo rammed her near Santa Catarina Island in the Atlantic Ocean 90 nautical miles (170 km) north of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The collision left Eubee with her engine room flooded,[1] and five stokers killed. Corinaldo took off Eubee′s passengers. Eubee was taken in tow by the Brazilian tugboat Antonio Azambuja and the Uruguayan tugboat Powerful,[2] but foundered on 16 August 1936. Eubee′s crew was rescued by Antonio Azambuja.[3]


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