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United States
Name: SS Home
Owner: Red Bank line, New York City
Operator: Carleton White
Builder: Allaire Works, New York City
Launched: 1836
Fate: Wrecked off Cape Hatteras, 9 October 1837
Notes: 130 on board-40 crew and 90 passengers
General characteristics
Tonnage: 537
Length: 220 ft (67 m)
Beam: 22 ft 6 in (6.9 m)
Notes: 90 lives lost

The SS Home was a steam packet ship built in 1836 and sunk in 1837 and commanded by Captain Carleton White.

The Home was built for Mr. James B. Allaire, of New York City, a ship of 537 tons, 220 feet (67 m) long and with a beam of 22 feet (6.7 m), propelled by two side paddle-wheels mounted amidships. Like other ships of her day, Home had masts, sails, and rigging as well.

The Home had been built for river trade, but converted into a passenger liner. Her interior was paneled in deep mahogany and cherry wood with skylights, saloons, and luxurious passenger quarters.

A total of $115,000 had been spent converting the Home for ocean voyages but it was equipped with only three lifeboats and two life preservers. The Home was insured for only $35,000.

On Saturday, 7 October 1837 the Home left New York City for Charleston, South Carolina with about 90 passengers and 40 crew aboard. Home had made only two previous voyages to Charleston. Home struck a sandbar off New Jersey. Unaware of the extent of the damage, her captain proceeded on schedule to Charleston when she encountered the 1837 Racer's Storm and started taking on water as she rounded Cape Hatteras. She was put aground to ride out the developing storm. Before rescue operations could be effected the next day, the Home was torn to pieces by the surf and 90 lives were lost.

Notable passengers lost in the disaster[edit]


Coordinates: 35°14′42″N 75°30′53″W / 35.2451°N 75.5146°W / 35.2451; -75.5146