SS Lesbian (1874)

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  • Lesbian (1874-1901)
  • Algeria (1901-03)
Namesake: Lesbians
  • Leyland Line Flag.pngF Leyland & Co (1874-1901)
  • Ellerman Lines Ltd (1901-03)
Port of registry: United Kingdom Liverpool
Builder: Thomas Royden & Sons, Liverpool
Yard number: 162
Launched: July 1874
Identification: UK Official Number 70850
Fate: Scrapped 1903
General characteristics
Tonnage: 1,559 GRT

Lesbian was a 1,559 GRT cargo liner which was built by Thomas Royden & Sons Ltd., Liverpool. She was launched in 1874 and scrapped in 1903.


Lesbian was built in 1874 by Thomas Royden & Sons Ltd, Liverpool as yard number 162. Launched in July 1874, she was built for F R Leyland and Co.[1] Lesbian served with the Leyland Line until 1901,[2] when she was sold to Ellerman Lines Ltd.[3] She was renamed Algeria and served for a further two years. Algeria was scrapped at Livorno, Italy in 1903.[1]

Official number and code letters[edit]

Official Numbers were a forerunner to IMO Numbers.

Lesbian had the UK Official Number 70850.[1]


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