SS Nailsea Meadow

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Great Britain
Name: SS Nailsea Meadow
Namesake: (Believed) Nailsea
Owner: Wales E.R. Management Co Ltd, Cardiff[1]
Port of registry: Wales Cardiff, Wales[1]
Route: Hampton Roads - New York - Trinidad - Cape Town - Durban - Bombay - Karachi[1]
Builder: England Bartram & Sons Ltd, South Dock, Sunderland[1]
Launched: 18 December 1936[2]
Completed: 23 February 1937
Fate: Torpedoed by U-196
Status: Sunk
Notes: Torpedoed by U-196. Lies 40 miles south of Port St. Johns, Cape Colony.[1]
General characteristics
Tonnage: 4,962 tons[1]
Crew: 44 crew

SS Nailsea Meadow was a freighter sunk in the Second World War by the German submarine U-196 on 11 May 1943. She was transporting tanks and supplies to the Eighth Army under General Montgomery in Egypt.[3]


The Nailsea Meadow was found in 1997 by Emlyn Brown working with National Underwater and Marine Agency and Clive Cussler, believing it to be the lost SS Waratah.[4] On closer examination in 2001, it was declared to be the Nailsea Meadow.

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