SS Scotia (1847)

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  • 1847-1863: PS Scotia
  • 1863: PS General Banks
  • 1863-1864: PS Fanny and Jenny
Port of registry: United Kingdom
Builder: Money and Wigrams
Launched: 1847
Out of service: 1864
General characteristics

PS Scotia was a paddle steamer passenger vessel operated by the Chester and Holyhead Railway from 1847 to 1858, and the London and North Western Railway from 1859 to 1861.[1]


She was built in Blackwall Yard, London by Money and Wigrams in 1847 for the Chester & Holyhead Railway Company for a passenger service between Holyhead and Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire) and Howth.

From 1858 to 1859 she was loaned to the Scilly Isles Steam Navigation Company until their new ship the SS Little Western was ready.

She was transferred in 1859 to the London & North Western Railway Company. At Liverpool in December 1861, she was sold as a Blockade runner and she made four runs and on the fifth attempting to reach Charleston she was captured by the Federals on 24 October 1862 at Bull's Bay, South Carolina.

By 23 January 1863, she had been sold and was registered at New York as the PS General Banks. By then end of 1863 she had again been sold a number of times and ended up registered at Nassau as the PS Fanny and Jenny.

She made two more runs against the Blockade but was driven ashore by the USS Florida on Wrightsville Beach, Masonboro Inlet, North Carolina on 10 February 1864.[2]


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