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STARLIMS Corporation
Industry Software, IT
Founded 1987
Headquarters Hollywood, Florida,
Key people
Divisional Manager: Mark Spencer
Profit Increase $ 2.88 million (2008)
Number of employees
162 (2008)
Parent Abbott Laboratories
Subsidiaries Starlims Technologies Ltd., STARLIMS Europe, STARLIMS Canada

STARLIMS, an Abbott Company, develops and sells web-based commercial off-the-shelf Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS); Software solutions which manage the collection, processing, storage, retrieval and analysis of information generated in laboratories.

Corporate history[edit]

STARLIMS was founded in 1989 by Dinu Toiba and Itschak Friedman. STARLIMS's initial technological goal was to introduce the industry’s first PC-based LIMS at a time when laboratory data was managed through “legacy systems” running on mainframes and mini-computers. In 2005, STARLIMS's entirely web-based LIMS were launched, and in 2007 the company was introduced to the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol LIMS.[1]

In August 2008, the Company announced the establishment of STARLIMS Europe as a result of the May 2008 acquisition of its United Kingdom partner, Lab Data Management Ltd., which is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester.[2]

On 22 March 2010 STARLIMS Technologies Ltd. was acquired by Abbott, based in Abbott Park, Illinois, for a published cost of $123 million.

STARLIMS Tel Aviv R&D center


STARLIMS V10 received Honorary Mention in the Pittcon 2006 Editors’ Award, and as a “Pick of Pittcon” by Scientific Computing World magazine. STARLIMS has consistently featured in the Scientific Computing Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.[3]



The company's software is used by more than 500 laboratories in over 40 countries around the world.[4] including those of Amgen, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center[5] and several forensic laboratories.[6] Research and Development (R&D), Quality Assurance QA and Quality Control QC are all supported.


STARLIMS software is based on an extendable web browser client-side application and a database server “farm.” Communications between client and server rely on standard web service messaging over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A secure HTTP HTTPS can be used for a more secure environment.

STARLIMS's web-based LIMS splits code into business logic (which is executed on the server side), and presentation code (run by a .net control on the web client). The STARLIMS web-based LIMS application servers utilize hardware resources by dynamically creating execution threads that concurrently handle business logic requests. The scalable distributed server farm is continuously monitored by a balancing server, which analyzes the workload and routes to the optimal server.

The STARLIMS client is a standard web browser that hosts a .NET control that dynamically presents the user interface. The STARLIMS XFD Renderer Controls are automatically deployed on the client when a new version is released. In addition to the classic GUI controls (labels, buttons, textboxes), this technology supports more complex controls, such as hierarchical data grids, tab controls, and selection boxes. For data-aware components, special business actions, termed data providers, are used to interface between the GUI and the data model residing on the server. For increased security, client-side scripting code is run in an isolated (“sand-boxed”) environment, and the server-side business logic code is separated from the client-side. The STARLIMS XFD Renderer uses the local machine’s computational capabilities, resulting in reduced server and network load.

In April 2013, STARLIMS released its version 11, which included new capabilities for mobile devices, HTML5 and advanced analytics[7]


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