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Storj Labs is the provider of the Storj decentralized cloud storage network, and the company behind STORJ token, a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain that powers digital storage and data retrieval on its cloud storage platform.[1][2][3][4]

The Storj network is decentralized and uses end-to-end encryption.[5] The platform stores data for its customers’ applications across a distributed set of storage nodes, which utilize spare hard drive space from its community members, which it calls farmers.[6]

STORJ tokens are utilized as a payment method on the Storj network. When customers utilize the platform’s services, a portion of the STORJ token revenue is sent to the individual farmers who store the data, compensating them for the service they provide.[7] This is similar to other sharing economies, like Airbnb, connecting users and customers with a surplus of data storage.[8]


In March 2014, Shawn Wilkinson won the Texas Bitcoin Hackathon using an early prototype of the Storj network.[9]

In July 2014, Storj launched its first token sale,[10] raising 910 BTC, which was worth approximately $500,000 at the time the sale closed.[11]

In April 2016, Storj Labs officially announced the beta release of its cloud platform, which allows users to store data on a decentralized network. The beta was only accessible through an invite system and was later made available publicly after the platform’s initial testing phase.[12]

In February 2017, Storj raised $3 million in venture capital funding.[13]

In June 2017, the Storj Labs team raised $30 million through a second token sale.[14]

In March 2018, former Docker CEO and cofounder Ben Golub joined Storj Labs as Chief Executive Officer and Interim CEO.[15]

In August 2018, Storj announced their partnership with open-source projects, titled The Open Source Partner Program.[16][17]

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