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Mission type Satellite deployment
Operator NASA
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft Space Shuttle Challenger
Crew size 6
Members Loren Shriver
Bryan O'Connor
Mark C. Lee
Sally Ride
William Fisher
Robert Wood
Start of mission
Launch date 22 July 1986
Not launched
Launch site Kennedy LC-39A
Shuttle Patch.png

STS-61-M was a proposed Space Shuttle mission, planned for July 1986 but canceled following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (STS-51-L).

Payload was to have been one of the TDRS satellites.

Primary Crew[edit]

Position Astronaut
Commander Loren J. Shriver
Second spaceflight
Pilot Bryan D. O'Connor
Second spaceflight
Mission Specialist 1 Mark C. Lee
First spaceflight
Mission Specialist 2 Sally K. Ride
Third spaceflight
Mission Specialist 3 William F. Fisher
Second spaceflight
Payload Specialist 1 Robert J. Wood
First spaceflight

Backup Crew[edit]

Position Astronaut
Payload Specialist 1 Charlie Walker
Fourth spaceflight

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