Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

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Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed 1958
Preceding agency
  • Säteilyfysiikan Laitos (SFL)
Jurisdiction Republic of Finland
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Employees Approx 370
Parent agency Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Website www.stuk.fi/web/en/

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Finnish: Säteilyturvakeskus, Swedish: Strålsäkerhetscentralen), often abbreviated as STUK, is a government agency tasked with nuclear safety and radiation monitoring in Finland.[1] The agency is a division of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health; when founded in 1958 STUK was first charged with inspection of radiation equipment used in hospitals.[2]

The agency is also a scientific research and education organization, researching the nature, effects and damaging effects of radiation. The agency currently employs about 350 people, and is led by Tero Varjoranta.

The agency works in collaboration with EU and other nearby countries, as well as with the UN organization International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) along with the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).


The Chief of Nuclear Safety Authority was Jukka Laaksonen during 1997–2012, Tero Varjoranta in 2013,[3][4] and is now Petteri Tiippana.[5]

Tero Varjoranta was named as the new chief United Nations nuclear inspector in 2013.[6]

The Chief of Nuclear Safety Authority, Jukka Laaksonen, became immediately after retire Rosatom Overseas Vice President. This was criticised but according to media reporting there was no commandment to prevent it. In February 2013 he gave statements for the Fennovoima potential nuclear plant in Pyhäjoki.[7] Fennovoima nuclear plant project is disputed. Heidi Hautala demanded in February 2013 new application for the Parliament since EOn cancelled its participation with 34% ownership.[8]

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