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Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd (ST Aerospace)
Subsidiary of ST Engineering
Industry Aerospace
Founded Singapore (1975)
Headquarters Singapore
Area served
Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States
Key people
LIM Serh Ghee (President, ST Aerospace), TAN Pheng Hock (President & CEO, ST Engineering) [2]
Services Aircraft Maintenance and Modificiation (AMM),
Component and Engine Total Support (CETS)
Number of employees
> 8,000 (2010)
Parent ST Engineering

Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace) is a subsidiary of ST Engineering headquartered in Singapore, with international offices and facilities located in key aviation hubs in Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. ST Aerospace started as a maintenance depot to support the Republic of Singapore Air Force in 1975. Over the years, it has diversified into various MRO capabilities for commercial and military aircraft through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and investments. ST Aerospace employs in excess of 8,000 certified engineers and administrative specialists around the world and has a global customer base that includes military forces, major airlines and freight carriers. Aviation Week ranked the aerospace company as the world's largest, independent, third party airframe MRO provider with an annual capacity of more than 11.5 million commercial airframe manhours in 2012.[3]


Through their two business segments, Aircraft Maintenance & Modification (AMM) and Component & Engine Total Support (CETS), ST Aerospace provides "total aviation support services" for commercial and military aircraft including:[4]

  • aircraft component maintenance, overhaul and repairs
  • aircraft conversions
  • aircraft engine repairs and overhauls
  • aircraft modifications, maintenance repair and overhaul.
  • airframe heavy maintenance
  • aviation support and services

Aircraft Maintenance and Modifications (AMM)[edit]

With their AMM operation arm, ST Aerospace perform light and heavy maintenance, upgrades, structural repairs, ageing modification work and conversions for a broad range of commercial aircraft.

On the military front, apart from being an Authorised Maintenance Centre for C-130, Fokker 50, Bell and Super Puma helicopters, ST Aerospace also provides maintenance services for the C-130 Hercules aircraft and F-5 Tiger fighters. Extending beyond MRO support, ST Aerospace also provides aircraft design engineering services for F-16 Falcon and F-5 Tiger fighter aircraft and many others.

One example is the ST Aerospace A-4SU Super Skyhawk, which was a vastly modernised and re-engined version of the old A-4S/A-4S-1 developed exclusively for use by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Components and Engines Total Support (CETS)[edit]

Through a global repair and logistics support network, ST Aerospace provides aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul services for a wide range of aircraft components and engines. An appointed service centre for leading OEMs and component maintenance supply solutions with combined capabilities for more than 25,000 mechanical and avionics component types, they offer services for avionics (including electrical, radar/communications, instruments and electro-optics), mechanical components (including heli-dynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics and propellers) and engines support (such as CFM56-3/-7B, JT8-D, J85, F404, F100, T53, T55, T56, Turbomeca Makila and Arriel engines).

ST Aerospace also provides a wide range of aircraft component maintenance repair and overhaul services, including Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH) and Material Supply Program (MSP) support, warehouse and material management, Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) spares and service support, aircraft parts trading, aircraft operating lease and OEM representation.


  • ST Aerospace Engineering Pte Ltd - provides depot level maintenance, aircraft upgrading, refurbishment, major structural repair and life extension programmes for a wide range of military and general aviation aircraft including helicopters. they also provide extensive base and line maintenance services for commercial aircraft such as the B737 and A320.[5][6]
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: Australia (CASA), Bermuda (DCA), China (CAAC), EU (EASA), India (DGCA), Indonesia (DGCA), Japan (JCAB), Malaysia (DCA), Maldives (MCD), Nepal (CAAN), Oman (DGCAM), Myanmar (DCA), Pakistan (CAA), Philippines (CCAP), Papua New Guinea (CASA), S'pore (CAAS), South Africa (MLTM), South Korea (KCASA), Taiwan (CAA ROC), Thailand (DCA), US (FAA), Vietnam (CAAV); Production Organisation Approval: S'pore (CAAS)
  • ST Aerospace Services Co Pte Ltd (SASCO) - operates from Singapore's Changi and Paya Lebar airports, specialises in airframe heavy maintenance and modification for wide-body aircraft, including B747 Section 41 modification, Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) conversion and fleet standardisation[5][7]
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9110, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: Australia (CASA), Bermuda (DCA), China (CAAC), EU (EASA), Indonesia (DGCA), Japan (JCAB), Qatar (CAA), S'pore (CAAS), Thailand (DCA), US (FAA)
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO9002, AS9110; Part-145 certification: EU (EASA), US (FAA); Parts Manufacturer Approval: US (FAA)
Quality standards: AS9110; Part-145 certification: US (FAA), Bermuda (DCA), EU (EASA), Brazil (CAA)
  • ST Aerospace Engines - provides repair and overhaul services for military and civil aero-engines and accessories.[10][11]
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: Brazil (ANAC), Canada (TCA), China (CAAC), EU (EASA), Indonesia (DGCA), Malaysia (DCA), S'pore (CAAS), South Africa (CAA), South Korea (MLTM), Thailand (DCA), US (FAA), Vietnam (CAAV)
  • ST Aerospace Technologies (Xiamen) Co (STATCO) - provides engine MRO services, located in Xiamen, China
Part-145 certifications: China (CAAC), EU (EASA), US (FAA), South Korea (MLTM)
  • ECO Services LLC - joint investment with Pratt & Whitney, provides ECO power engine wash services, subsidiary business of VT Systems
  • ST Aerospace Systems - Asia Pacific's largest independent component repair and overhaul company, specializes in aircraft avionics repair and overhaul, components and systems. The Avionics and Mechanical Centre, which occupy a total area of 14,000 m2 (150,000 ft2) is equipped to repair and overhaul over 8,000 types of military and commercial components.[10][12]
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9110, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: Bangladesh (CAAB), Canada (TCA), China (CAAC), Egypt (ECAA), EU (EASA), Indonesia (DGCA), Japan (JCAB), Malaysia (DCA), Maldives (MCD), Nepal (CAAN), Oman (DGCAM), Philippines (CCAP), S'pore (CAAS), South Africa (CAA), South Korea (MLTM), Thailand (DCA), US (FAA), Vietnam (CAAV)
  • Precision Products Services (PPS) - manufactures casting and mould tooling for customers in the aerospace, oil ad gas, defense and commercial industries.
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9100
  • ST Aerospace Solutions - provides aircraft component repair, management and logistics services, it has facilities in various airports in Copenhagen, Denmark; Arlanda, Sweden; Gardermoen, Norway; and Stansted, United Kingdom. Originated in 2008 from the acquisition of SAS Components A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark [10][13]
Part-145 certification: EU (EASA), China (CAAC), US (FAA)
  • ST Aerospace Supplies - source of aircraft supplies, providing inventory management services and logistics support. They have a fully computerised inventory system that allows for real-time stock positioning and retrieval.[10][14] Major customers in the Asia Pacific region include AirAsia [15] and Spring Airlines.[16]
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9120, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: S'pore (CAAS)
  • Guangzhou Aerospace Technologies & Engineering (GATE) - import and export facility in China, serves as one of the ST Aerospace global distribution centres for rotables distribution.[10][17]
  • Pacific Flight Services Pte Ltd (PFS) - provides jet charter services (executive, leisure, aeromedical) for companies. Charter aircraft includes EC-120, King Air turboprop, Gulfstream and Learjet [5][18]
Air Operator certification: Australia (CASA)
  • Helicopter Flight Services (HFS) - provides helicopter general charter services throughout Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the other ASEAN countries.[11][19]
Air Operator certification: S'pore (CAAS)
  • ST Aerospace Academy Pte Ltd (STAA) - provides pilot training leading to multi-crew pilot licence and commercial pilot licence for network airlines, commercial airlines and individuals, located in Ballarat Airport, Australia and Seletar Airbase, Singapore
Approved Training Organisation: Australia (CASA), S'pore (CAAS), China (CAAC)
  • Aviation Academy of America - provides pilot training for private, instrument and commercial, located in South Texas Regional Airport, Hondo, Texas
Part-121 certification: USA (FAA)
  • ST Aerospace Technical Training Centre (STATTC) - provides technical training programmes under Singapore NITEC and Part-66 basic and type training
Part-147 certification: S'pore (CAAS), EU (EASA), China (CAAC)
  • Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) - provides avionics integration, engineering design solutions, Supplementary Type Certificates (STC), technical services [5][20]
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9100, OHSAS18001, SEI-CMM; Part-21 Design Authorisation: S'pore (CAAS), EU (EASA)
  • ST Aerospace Int'l Structures Pte Ltd (STAIS) - specialises in design, prototyping, modifications and production management of aircraft structural components and assemblies.[5][21]
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9100
  • VisionTech Engineering Pte Ltd (VTE) - provides engineering services including maintenance, repair and modifications of aircraft, aircraft equipment and components.[5][22]
  • AERIA Luxury Interiors - provides VIP aircraft interior conversion including design and maintenance, based in San Antonio, Texas, US.
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
  • DRB Aviation Consultants, Inc. provides services such as engineering design, flame testing, kitting, and static and pull testing. Located in San Antonio, Texas, US.
Organisation Design Authorisation: US (FAA)
  • ST Aerospace Rotables - global asset services company

Associate Companies[edit]

  • Singapore Precision Repair and Overhaul (SPRO) - joint venture (50% shareholding), provides maintenance, repair and overhaul of landing gear components
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001; Part-145 certification: China (CAAC), Egypt (ECAA), EU (EASA), Indonesia (DGCA), Japan (JCAB), Laos (DCA), Malaysia (DCA), Nepal (CAAN), Oman (DGCAM), Philippines (CCAP), S'pore (CAAS), Thailand (DCA), US (FAA), Vietnam (CAAV)
  • Madrid Aerospace Service A/S (MAeS) - joint venture (50% shareholding) with Iberia Maintenance, provides landing gear MRO services, located in Madrid, Spain.
Part-145 certification: EU (EASA), US (FAA)
  • Shanghai Technologies Aerospace Company (STARCO) - joint venture (49% shareholding) with China Eastern Airlines, provides aircraft MRO services, located in Shanghai, China
Quality standards: ISO9001, AS9110 Part-145 certification: China (CAAC), Hong Kong (CAA), Macau (JMM), EU (EASA), US (FAA), Australia (CASA), India (DGCA), Japan (JCAB)
  • ST Aerospace (Guangzhou) Aviation Services Co. Ltd. (STAG) - joint venture (49% shareholding) with Guangdong Airport Management Corp, provides aircraft MRO services, located in Guangzhou, China
Part-145 certification: China (CAAC)
  • Turbine Overhaul Services (TOS) - joint venture (49% shareholding) with Pratt & Whitney, specialises in the repair of gas and steam-related components.
  • Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH or EADS EFW - invested equity interest (35%), capabilities include passenger-to-freighter conversions, aircraft maintenance and repair, as well as engineering services. It also manufactures and supplies composite flat sandwich panels to Airbus.
Part-21 Design & Production Authorisation: EU (EASA)
  • Composite Technology International (CTI) - joint venture (33.3% shareholding), provides overhaul, repair and modification services for helicopter rotor blades.
Quality standards: ISO9001; Part-145 certification: US (FAA)
  • Eurocopter South East Asia - joint venture (25% shareholding) with Eurocopter Group, provides sales, repair, overhaul, logistics and product support for Eurocopter helicopters and related spares.
Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001; Part-145 certification: EU (EASA), S'pore (CAAS), Malaysia (DCA), US (FAA), Philippines (CAA), Indonesia (DGCA), Thailand (DCA), Nepal (CAA), Cambodia (SSCA), South Korea (MLTM), Vietnam (CAA), Myanmar (DCA); Part-21 certification: S'pore (CAAS); Part-147 certification: S'pore (CAAS)
  • Turbine Casting Services (TCS) - joint venture (24.5% shareholding), specialises in the repair of PW4000 turbine airfoils by using advanced coating technologies.


Heavy Maintenance[edit]

Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC8, DC9, DC10, MD10, MD11, MD80, MD82, MD90, A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, A4, F5, F16, F50, L382, C130, KC135, ERJ135, ERJ145, CRJ200, CRJ700, E190, Agusta, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter & Sikorsky Helicopters, General Aviation aircraft

Modification & Upgrade[edit]

Airframe Structural Modification, Aircraft Conversions� - Transport to Tanker, Fighter to Reconnaissance, Ageing Aircraft Modification, Passenger-To-Freighter Conversions� - Boeing 727, 757, 767, DC10, MD11, A330, Interior Reconfiguration / Refurbishment, Boeing 747 Section 41 & Pylon Modification, Stage 3 Hush Kit Installations & Re-engine Modification

Engineering & Development[edit]

Technical Services, Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, Technical Records, Maintenance Control, Design Engineering, Developmental Engineering, Aircraft Design / Manufacture, EC120 Colibri light helicopter �with Eurocopter & CATIC, Commercial Aviation Modifications, Passenger-to-Freighter (PTF) Conversions, Cabin Interiors Modifications, Avionics upgrade, Avionics Design & Upgrade, Systems Development, Software Development, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Re-Engine

Avionics & Electrical components[edit]

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and �other mechanical components for commercial and military aircraft, �fixed wing and rotary wing Capabilities to repair more than 25,000 mechanical and avionics component types, Capacity for more than 85,000 components throughput annually

Fleet Management[edit]

Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) �support, 900 aircraft under component total �support

Engineering Services[edit]

Reliability management, Repair development

Warehousing & Distribution[edit]

24x7 AOG services Global Network

Asset Management[edit]

Engine R&O Capability[edit]

MRO support for narrow-body aircraft engines (CFM56-3, -5B, -7B, JT8-D and -200), and military engines, Fully integrated services including accessories, Capacity for 350 engines annually

Fleet Management[edit]

Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) �support, 550 engines under engine total support

Engineering Services[edit]

Reliability management, Repair development

Engine Leasing[edit]

Aircraft Upgrade[edit]



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