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351 University Blvd.
Cedar City, Utah 84720

United States
Coordinates 37°40′29″N 113°4′20″W / 37.67472°N 113.07222°W / 37.67472; -113.07222Coordinates: 37°40′29″N 113°4′20″W / 37.67472°N 113.07222°W / 37.67472; -113.07222
Type Charter
Motto Diligence in the Pursuit of Excellence
Established 2005 [1]
Founder Iron County School District, Southern Utah University, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
School district Iron and Washington County School District
Principal Ben Kaufman
Faculty 18.5 between two campuses [2][3]
Grades SUU (9-12) DSC (10-12)
Enrollment 428 (2017-2018)
Number of students 428
Student to teacher ratio 30.6
Color(s) Blue and white

SUCCESS Academy[4] (Southern Utah Center for Computer, Engineering and Science Students) is an early college high school based in Cedar City, Utah, United States. SUCCESS Academy has two campuses, one located at Southern Utah University (SUU) in the Iron County School District[5] and the other at Dixie State University in the Washington County School District.[6]


The Southern Utah Center for Computer, Engineering and Science Students, commonly known as SUCCESS Academy, was founded in 2005. SUCCESS Academy is a charter school sponsored by the Iron County School District. SUCCESS Academy was selected by the Utah Partnership to participate in an Early College High School grant. The grant money was provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[1]

SUCCESS Academy currently has two school locations. The first is located in Cedar City, Utah on the Southern Utah University campus. The second is in Saint George, Utah on the Dixie State University campus.

SUCCESS Academy at SUU first opened their doors in August 2005. They were originally located in the SUU Science Building. They are currently located in the Multipurpose Building on SUU campus.[7] SUU SUCCESS started with 9th and 10th grade students, but is currently open to 9th -12th graders.

SUCCESS Academy at DSU opened in August 2006 and is currently open to 10th - 12th graders. They are currently located in the Technology building at DSU. SUCCESS Academy-DSU students may attend college classes besides within the Technology building in their 11th grade year with special permission. This is in addition to 12th grade on campus classes that the students may take. SUCCESS Academy DSU students also participate in the SUU Regional Science fair and regularly sends students to the Intel International Science Fair (ISEF).


The Utah Partnership was created under the direction of Governor Michael Leavitt. It was charged with the task to identify and create Early College High Schools. These were often referenced as High Tech Highs. The founders of SUCCESS Academy are the Iron County School District, Southern Utah University and funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


SUCCESS Academy has been nationally recognized for several awards.[8] Recent awards include being chosen by Newsweek as the top high school in America for Beating the Odds[9] for college readiness, and for its students rising above financial obstacles and challenges. Another award is for SAGE test results. For the state of Utah, SUCCESS received the top Math scores in the state.[10] In Language Arts, they received fourth place in the state.[11]

Graduation information[edit]

The first class that graduated from SUU SUCCESS was in 2008, and from DSU SUCCESS in 2009.[1]

The graduation rates for SUCCESS Academy students are:

2012 High school diploma 97.5% High school diploma 100%
Associate degree 95% Associate degree 82.05%
2013 High school diploma 100% High school diploma 98%
Associate degree 93.02% Associate degree 94%
2014 High school diploma 98.25% High school diploma 98%
Associate degree 77.19% Associate degree 95.35%
2015 High school diploma 94.12% High school diploma 97.5%
Associate degree 89.36% Associate degree 94.87%

Scholarship and ACT information[edit]

The graduating class of 2015 received many scholarships. The total dollar amount for SUU's graduating class was $877,000.00. The total dollar amount for DSU's graduating class was $1,478,967.00. Students received an average composite ACT score of 25.52 over the past five years.[12]

Iron County Campus[edit]

Classes taught at SUU Campus (37°40′29″N 113°4′20″W / 37.67472°N 113.07222°W / 37.67472; -113.07222 (Southern Utah University Multipurpose Center)):

9th 10th 11th 12th
Honors Algebra II Advanced Mathematics Art 1010 Individual Studies
Honors English Biology 1010 Business 1010 English 2010
Science Research Biology 1015 Chemistry 1210 Art 1010
Biology 1020 Chemistry 1215
Biology 1025 Engineering 1010
Honors English 10 English 1010
Humanities 1010 Finance 2870
LM 1010 History 1700
Science Research Math 1050
Math 1060
NFS 1020
Physics 1010
Physics 1015
Science Research


  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Computer Science Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Nicolas Stein Fan Club

Washington County Campus[edit]

Classes taught at Dixie State Campus (37°5′43″N 113°34′40″W / 37.09528°N 113.57778°W / 37.09528; -113.57778 (Dixie State College)):

10th 10th CIT Cohort 11th 11th CIT Cohort 12th
Biology 1010 App Development Communications 2110 CS 1410 Individual Studies
Chemistry 1010/1015 Communication 2110 English 2010 CS 2420 POLS 1100
English 1010 CS 1400 History 1700 DES 2500
Honors Chemistry CS Principles Humanities 1010 History 1510
Honors English 10 Design 1300 Math 1040 IT 1100
Library Science 1010 Exploring Computer Science Math 1060 IT 1200
Science Research Math TBD Physics 1010/1015 IT 2400
Secondary Math II Honors Political Science 1100 Art 1010 Math 1050
Math 1010 or Math 1050 Web Design 1400 Science Research Math 1060
Web Development 1 Individual Studies (with special permission) Nutrition and Food Science 1020


  • Yearbook Staff
  • Constitution Club
  • Robotics Club
  • National Honors Society


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