SUSE Studio ImageWriter

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SUSE Studio ImageWriter
SUSE Live USB creator
SUSE Live USB creator
Developer(s) Matt Barringer
Stable release
1.9 / April 8, 2011; 6 years ago (2011-04-08)
Written in C++ and C#
Operating system Windows and Linux
License GPL v2

The SUSE Studio ImageWriter is an official tool designed to create Live USBs of SUSE and openSUSE. It is part of the SUSE KIWI Image creation system and was designed to ease the creation of LiveUSB system with SUSE Studio. It can however be used with standard openSUSE LiveCD ISO files.[1]


  • Cross-platform (available for Windows and Linux)
  • Supports various openSUSE releases, as well as most hybrid ISO images
  • Automatically detects all removable devices
  • Persistent storage creation, to save all documents created and modifications made to the system

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