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SVG-edit logo.svg
Web based SVG-editor
Developer(s) SVG-edit Team
Initial release February 6, 2009 (2009-Feb-06)
Stable release 2.8.1 / December 2, 2015; 51 days ago (2015-12-02)
Development status Active
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Web browser
Available in Multilingual
Type Vector graphics editor
License MIT License (free software license)

SVG-edit is a vector graphics editor intended for users who need to do quick edits to existing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images, all within their existing web browser, not requiring additional software installation.

Browsers supported[edit]

SVG-edit works in any modern browser:

SVG-edit is a cross-browser web-based, JavaScript-driven web tool, and has also been made into browser addons, such as an addon for Firefox,[2] a Chrome App [3] and a standalone widget for Opera.[4] An experimental SVG editing extension to MediaWiki uses SVG-edit.[5]


SVG-edit consists of two major components: svg-editor.js and svgcanvas.js. These components work cooperatively. File svgcanvas.js can be used outside of SVG-edit, allowing developers to create alternative interfaces to the canvas. Do not confuse this term with HTML5 Canvas element, canvas is a drawing area (div) here.

Version history[edit]

SVG-edit was first announced by Narendra Sisodiya on 6 Feb 2009 in its minimal version.[6] Version 2.0 was developed by Pavol Rusnak and released on 3 June 2009.[7] The current stable release is 2.8.1.[8]


Scalable Vector Graphics

Features in current stable release

  • Free-hand drawing
  • Lines, Polylines
  • Rects/Squares
  • Ellipses/Circles
  • Polygons/Curved Paths
  • Stylable Text
  • Raster Images
  • Select/move/resize/rotate
  • Undo/Redo
  • Color/Gradient picker
  • Group/ungroup
  • Align
  • Zoom
  • Layers
  • Convert Shapes to Path
  • Wireframe Mode
  • Save drawing to SVG
  • Linear Gradient Picking
  • View and Edit SVG Source
  • UI Localization
  • Resizable Canvas
  • Change Background
  • Draggable Dialogs
  • Resizable UI (SVG icons)
  • Open Local Files (Fx 3.6 only)
  • Import SVG into Drawing (Fx 3.6 only)
  • Connector lines and Arrows
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Editing outside the canvas
  • Add/edit Sub-paths
  • Multiple path segment selection
  • Support for foreign markup (MathML)
  • Radial Gradients
  • Configurable Options
  • Eye-dropper tool
  • Stroke linejoin and linecap
  • Export to PNG

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