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SVNBridge is an extension for Microsoft's Team Foundation Server that allows the use of a Subversion client (e.g. TortoiseSVN) with TFS. SVNBridge is available free under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Svnbridge is an open source project hosted on the Microsoft Codeplex project site. Support for accessing Codeplex via subversion has been described by CodePlex as 'our number one requested feature'.[1] SVNBridge allows developers to participate in CodePlex projects while still using Subversion based tools they are familiar with.[2]

The SVNBridge project provides two related SVNBridge products with differing modes of operation:

  • Either running as a client daemon (systray item) on Windows systems allowing Subversion applications on the client to access TFS revision control items on a remote TFS server.
  • Or as an IIS web application on the TFS server itself; thus enabling Subversion clients to connect directly to the TFS server using the Subversion http protocols, and without requiring additional software on the client. In this latter mode it provided an interoperability solution for Mac OS X/Unix/Linux based Subversion tools.

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